Saturday, December 31, 2011

Texas Post #2 - Christmas Eve and Day

On Christmas Eve day we did our family pilates class and went for a run later that day. We also started the Christmas celebrations with going to church at WoodsEdge at 4 pm. We enjoyed the music and message as always. We wish we could transplant WoodsEdge in Tulsa! We really miss going there. We went to the earlier service so we could be back for Cole's dinner time and ours too! My Mom always makes lasagna for dinner and we loved that and ate the whole thing up! After Cole went to bed, we wrapped up the night decorating cookies and playing cards (which we did A LOT on this trip)!
We also get to open one present on Christmas Eve and it's always PJ's! Cole got to open his first present too. He actually did pretty well with it once we handed him each piece to tear off. It took him awhile though!
Christmas morning Cole slept until his normal 7:30, he ate first, and then we woke everyone else up. With the little man we had a lot more presents under the tree! We were all pretty spoiled this Christmas. Cole got tons of toys and clothes! Almost every toy had sound, lights, songs, the whole deal. Once we had a few opened up, he was not interested in opening any more presents. So we opened them and saved their play time for later. He also loved playing with the boxes and paper. He was so worn out when nap time came around.
Once we were done opening gifts and Cole went down for his nap, we ate some breakfast - coffee cake and egg casserole - YUM! Tony and I definitely had seconds. We spent the rest of the day talking to family on Skype and on the phone, hanging out, going for a run, and that's about it! We were in PJ's most of the day! We had our Christmas dinner feast of ham, potatoes, etc. and watched a movie at home to round out the evening. We used to go to the movies Christmas Day, but that's pretty much impossible with a 9 month old. So we settled for the next best thing at home. My Dad did get a new DVD player for Christmas, so we got to check that out at least.
It was another great Christmas Day with family, which is just what we needed! With everyone living so far away, these times don't come very often anymore. So we just really enjoyed and appreciated every minute of it!

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