Wednesday, December 21, 2011

9 Months!!

Cole turned 9 months on Sunday! We can't believe he's 9 months old! It just seems like he's growing up and getting closer and closer to a year already. I think these are some of my favorite "month" pictures. I (of course) just think he's getting cuter and cuter. :)
He's turning into a little man now. He's moving all over the place. He does an army crawl to get around and can go from his belly to sitting very easily. He's also started pulling up on a few things (his crib, a little step stool, the coffee table, the side of our bed). He will stand up for quite a while entertaining himself once he stands up.
He still does lots of talking and even says something that sounds like "baby". His little personality is really starting to show. He's very determined and knows what he wants right now, but he's still pretty flexible when we want him to go do something else or take him places. He's always going from one toy to the next when he's playing too.
His favorite activities right now are crawling around, opening drawers and doors, playing with toys, finding things he shouldn't be playing with (magazines, cords, remotes, electrical outlets, etc.). He does the same thing at the babysitters. She says he is all over the place!
He loves sleeping on his belly and will sit up, stand up, talk, move around his crib until he falls asleep. It's pretty entertaining to watch him on the video monitor. He's a great sleeper and has started sleeping almost 12 hours at night on the weekends and does two good naps during the day.
He continues to be a great eater too. We've been working on more finger foods, but still eats mostly baby food.
In the last month he also made another trip, this time to Phoenix for Thanksgiving. Cole got to meet his great-grandparents and my mom's side of the family. He did a great job traveling again.
We are so excited for Cole to experience his first Christmas this week! It's going to be so much fun for him, we hope. I think Santa's going to be very good to the little man.

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