Monday, November 21, 2011

Crafty Project

I did these awhile ago because my sister got a new place and I was looking for a good housewarming present for her. I saw these cute yarn wreaths on Pinterest and thought...I can do that! I did it and they were super easy. I bought a straw wreath and some yarn to wrap it with. Then I made the little roses with different colors of felt. There are tons of blogs with tutorials on how to do the roses, so I just followed one of those. Hot glue and a few buttons later and I was done. It was super easy, but a little time consuming with the yarn wrapping. I had a little baby throw up mishap on one of them, so I had to start over after I had wrapped the entire thing! I was a little frustrated with that, but it happens with a little guy around. I think my sister liked hers too...she got the red one, and we kept the grey.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

8 Months!

The little man turned 8 Months on Friday! He is a busy boy these days. During the last month we've taken Cole on trips to San Diego and Houston for long weekends. He's gotten to be quite the traveler, and we are getting better at packing for trips!
He's continuing to go the the babysitters during the week and takes two good naps there and does well with all his meals. We still have a weekday schedule and weekend schedule because of getting up at different times. Cole eats 5 times a day during the week (every 3-4 hours) and 4 times (every 4 hours) on the weekend. Naps are pretty consistent though with a morning and afternoon nap. We are still using a sleep sack at home, but not at the sitters.
Cole is also busy because he is on the move! He has figured out how to army crawl on his belly to get to things he wants. I think he's pretty close to really crawling because he's rocking forward when he's sitting up. He has also gotten really good at rolling on all sides and in all directions. Between that and the army crawl he's all over the place. We crack up watching him because he gets focused on what he wants and just goes for it now. All this moving also makes his sleep positions pretty interesting. He will flip ends, roll around, lift up, all kinds of stuff until he gets comfortable. He mostly ends up sleeping on his side though.
Cole continues to be a good eater and has started doing well with a few finger foods like puffs and teething biscuits. The puffs took a little practice, but he's gotten much better. We've tried a sippy cup a few times, but that hasn't taken off yet. He also has two teeth right now! The two bottom ones are continuing to come in, but you can definitely see them in his mouth now.
Cole is wearing 6-12 or 9-12 month clothes and a size 3 diaper. He's still pretty big for his age. We are stocking up on winter clothes right now since it's about to start getting cold here! We probably should get him a little snow suit. :)
Cole loves all toys and household non-toys too...cords, remotes, keys, magazines, etc. He's into different kinds of blocks, cars, the exersaucer, riding in the stroller, stuffed animals, books...pretty much everything! It's all interesting at this point. He will just sit and play with toys on his own now and can entertain himself as long as he's not tired.
He's doing a lot of talking and noise making...he does da, da, da's, ba, ba's, ra ra's, etc. I've her a few ma's but nothing that sounds like ma ma. Maybe soon? He's such a happy little guy and just brings so many smiles and laughs to our family! We think this age he's at is just so much fun!
Cole's doing a little standing up for short periods of time with something to hold onto. He was not very interested in taking pictures after awhile and wanted to stand up against the chair for a bit. :)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

This Made Our Week!

Chuy's is coming to Tulsa!!
One of our favorite mexican restaurants from Texas (Austin & Houston first, then they opened one in The Woodlands) is opening a location in February! We think it's the first one out of Texas, and we are SOOO EXCITED! We haven't found any mexican places here that we really like. They just aren't the same. But that is all about to change!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Shaky Weekend

This week has been pretty much the usual...working, running, hanging out with Cole, etc. Pretty uneventful really which is fine by us! We were looking forward to this weekend too because we didn't have anything planned, and we pretty much kept it that way.

Friday night we went for a family run and picked up some dinner afterwards and just had a low key night. We woke up at 2 am Friday night to our whole house shaking! It wasn't raining, so it couldn't be was an earthquake! The center of it was about 80 miles southwest of here, but we still felt the shaking. It was a 4.6, the 2nd largest in Oklahoma ever. Since it was the middle of the night, it was strange, and we had to ask each other if we really felt that.

Saturday we went to Utica Square to go to the Pottery Barn Kids, got some Starbucks and enjoyed the beautiful weather. We also got lunch at the new Jimmy John's that opened in Tulsa near there. We love JJ and always wished they would open one here. The rest of the day I spent cleaning, which carried over to today, and Tony watched a bunch of football. We squeezed in a run for each of us too.

Here's the guys hanging out on the couch watching one of the games.

We went to bed late last night after the LSU/Alabama game, which I fell asleep during. Tony said, hopefully we don't have another earthquake tonight, and not even 10 minutes later when we were watching the news, the house started shaking again! It started out slow and built up to the point where I was getting kind of nervous. Then it slowed down again and stopped. It lasted about a minute total and the news reported that it was a 5.6 earthquake in the same area as Friday night. Who knew that Tulsa would have earthquakes like this? I always worried about tornadoes, so this is one more thing! I felt an earthquake here before Janet had one in San Diego! I just hope we don't have another one anytime soon.

Cole did really well with the time change this morning and slept until the new 7:00am! Yay! We didn't have to get up at 6:00am like I thought we might. I finished up my cleaning, Tony did some stuff in the yard, and we made a quick trip to the grocery store. The earthquake was the biggest thing we had going this weekend. We also had fun hanging out with the little guy. We really look forward to the weekend with him. :)

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