Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Prayer Request

We found out on Saturday that my sister, Janet's, boyfriend, David, was in a skydiving accident earlier that day. He has been in ICU since then and underwent surgery on Sunday to repair his spine which was severely broken and his damaged spinal chord. He doesn't have feeling in his legs right now. The original thought of the doctor's was that his spinal chord had been severed and he would never walk again. Once they performed the surgery they discovered the spinal chord was intact, but damaged. We don't know what this means for the future, but right now they are focusing on recovery from the surgery and rehab to come.

Here's a picture of David with Cole when they met two weekend's ago. (It's from my phone, so not the best quality.)
David and Janet are handling everything so well thus far. They have been very accepting of this and just want to figure out what the next steps are and what life is going to be like now. They have been so positive and just have so much trust in God's plan for them. It's hard not to be in awe and just inspired by them.

David's surgery went great, and he is supposed to be moving out of ICU soon. Janet has spent every day at the hospital and has just become his little protector. She's taking good care of him and making sure he's getting rest with all the visitors he's getting. We know the journey will be full of ups and downs for them, but there are so many encouraging things and so much to be thankful for. It's a life changer though...please pray for them and David's family as he continues to heal and transitions into this new normal for them.

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Apple said...

My prayers are now with David, may he make a good recovery.

Thinking of you all

Annee xoxo

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