Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fall Break in San Diego

Just like last year, we took a trip to San Diego over fall break. Last year just Tony and I went, with Cole in the belly. This year, we had the Cole-man and my parents for the trip. We rented a house in La Jolla, just north of San Diego and Ocean Beach (where Janet lives). We planned on being with Janet for her first weekend after David was deployed, but with David's accident, it was a different kind of trip. We spent a few hours each day at the hospital visiting David or hanging out with Janet if David was doing something else. David also had his parents and friends there too, so it was a full room! I think Cole brought a few smiles to everyone which is always good.

We did a little driving up the little beach towns to La Jolla one day and went to Janet's favorite jewelry shop, Noon. We also went to the San Diego Zoo again for a few hours for Cole's first zoo trip. We went to some good restaurants, went running, and hung out at the rental house. It worked out really well having the rental house because Cole could nap in a separate room and we had space to hang out all together. Plus a full kitchen and washer and dryer is great with a baby. The house was up on a hill with awesome views of the ocean. We only had one really clear day though, so that was kind of a bummer. We saw one great sunset from the full glass windows in the living room one night.

The flights with Cole went pretty well on this trip. As he gets bigger it gets tougher for him to nap, but we managed to get him to fall asleep for a little bit of each flight. He was a trooper and didn't make us pay the no nap price too badly...really only once when we were at the hospital. He was done after we had gone to the zoo and everything. We had to leave and take him back so he could have a nap, and we even ended up bringing food back to the house for dinner the last night.

I can't say that it was a relaxing trip, but it was nice to see my parents, Janet, and David too. We are learning what we can and can't do with the Cole-man when we travel, that's for sure.

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