Saturday, October 15, 2011

Cole's First Pumpkin Patch

We visited Carmichael's Pumpkin Patch in Bixby this morning. Tony and I had gone two years ago and tried to get our pumpkins there, but it was super muddy because it had rained the day before we went. They have a produce stand up the road that we ended up going to so we didn't have to get all dirty. Then last year, we did the same thing. But, this year, with the Cole-man, we wanted to get the pumpkin patch experience. This was our one weekend in October to go, so we got there soon after they opened at 9:30 this morning (got some Chick-fil-a breakfast for the mom and dad on the way). We got there early enough that it wasn't super crowded, which was good. We even saw two people that we knew!
They have all kinds of fun pumpkins though...white, green, orange of all sizes, stripes, etc. There are a lot of great places to take pictures of the little ones. So there were tons of families out. They also have a hay ride, petting zoo kind of thing, and I don't really know what else...we didn't check that out since Cole's so little.
We just took a bunch of pictures and picked up some pumpkins. We got two big, two medium, and quite a few little orange ones, a few little white ones, and a larger green one. I wanted a bigger white one, but Tony had already checked out by the time I figured out that I wanted to get one. :) Next year! Our house is looking much more fall like after our visit to the pumpkin patch! We also planted some mums in our containers by our front door. Now, we are waiting for the weather to cool off...which should be happening next week!
I just love this last picture! It's so sweet. I love my guys!

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