Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cole Updates

We visited the pediatrician last Friday. It was Cole's 6 month check up...a little late. He's doing great and meeting his milestones. He weighed 19 lbs 5 oz (70%) , 28.25 in long (90%), and 84% for head circumference. So he's still a big boy! The doctor gave us the ok to start him on 3 meals a day of solids, and that has been going well so far. We also got the go ahead to start him on some finger foods when he's ready...starting with the teething biscuit since it's easy to hold onto. We bought some today and here are some pictures from his first teething biscuit. What a mess! Please excuse the snot running from his nose. It's just not going away. Next time we will be having one of these in a diaper only.
Another new thing for the Cole-man is he finally rolled from his back to his stomach. He's been so close for a few weeks. The last few days of the week his babysitter told me he was rolling over in the pack-n-play when he woke up from his naps. Well, Friday night I was getting him ready for bed and he just rolled over like it was no big deal. Now it's non-stop and so fun to watch. He's done a few rolls back and forth too. It does make me nervous because he's rolling over in his bed too and sleeping on his stomach during naps mostly. At night he's still been on his back so far. This is how we found him Saturday morning!
We are entering the semi-mobile stage! I can't believe he'll be 7 months next week! So many changes coming our way!

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