Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Cole's first Halloween! They had a little party at the babysitter's today...Pirates & Princesses, so he came home with a pirate patch and little goodie bag with a Halloween bib and new toy. I don't think he really minded the pirate patch too much. :)
We got him the skeleton pj's since he goes to bed at 8 pm, there wasn't any point of getting him a full out costume to sit at home in. So the comfy pj's were the way to go this year. He liked seeing the Trick-or-Treaters coming to the door tonight.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fall Break in San Diego

Just like last year, we took a trip to San Diego over fall break. Last year just Tony and I went, with Cole in the belly. This year, we had the Cole-man and my parents for the trip. We rented a house in La Jolla, just north of San Diego and Ocean Beach (where Janet lives). We planned on being with Janet for her first weekend after David was deployed, but with David's accident, it was a different kind of trip. We spent a few hours each day at the hospital visiting David or hanging out with Janet if David was doing something else. David also had his parents and friends there too, so it was a full room! I think Cole brought a few smiles to everyone which is always good.

We did a little driving up the little beach towns to La Jolla one day and went to Janet's favorite jewelry shop, Noon. We also went to the San Diego Zoo again for a few hours for Cole's first zoo trip. We went to some good restaurants, went running, and hung out at the rental house. It worked out really well having the rental house because Cole could nap in a separate room and we had space to hang out all together. Plus a full kitchen and washer and dryer is great with a baby. The house was up on a hill with awesome views of the ocean. We only had one really clear day though, so that was kind of a bummer. We saw one great sunset from the full glass windows in the living room one night.

The flights with Cole went pretty well on this trip. As he gets bigger it gets tougher for him to nap, but we managed to get him to fall asleep for a little bit of each flight. He was a trooper and didn't make us pay the no nap price too badly...really only once when we were at the hospital. He was done after we had gone to the zoo and everything. We had to leave and take him back so he could have a nap, and we even ended up bringing food back to the house for dinner the last night.

I can't say that it was a relaxing trip, but it was nice to see my parents, Janet, and David too. We are learning what we can and can't do with the Cole-man when we travel, that's for sure.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Little Halloween Present

Cole got a Halloween present in the mail this week from my Aunt Kathy and the Heil crew. There was a really sweet card and a shapes block set. Cole is loving playing with toys, so we were excited that he had something new to play with. He loves dumping the blocks out and picking them up, putting them in his mouth, then throwing them around, and moving on to another one. He even partially unwrapped the present himself! :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

7 Month Mark

Last week was Cole's 7 month birthday! Here are a few pictures from his photo shoot. :)

I've been updating the new things he's been doing lately, so I won't repeat. The one new thing is that he is sprouting a little tooth now! When we were in San Diego, I felt his gums in the morning...nothing. Then that evening, I felt again, and there was a little sharp thing poking out of his gums. You can't really see it, but you can definitely feel it and see the little bump of gums around it.

In the past week or so, Cole has definitely gotten more vocal. He does da, da, da, and la, la, la's all the time. He's much more interactive and pays attention to everything. It's neat to see him focus on something new and try to figure it out. We really do love this age that he is at now. It's a lot of fun!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Prayer Request

We found out on Saturday that my sister, Janet's, boyfriend, David, was in a skydiving accident earlier that day. He has been in ICU since then and underwent surgery on Sunday to repair his spine which was severely broken and his damaged spinal chord. He doesn't have feeling in his legs right now. The original thought of the doctor's was that his spinal chord had been severed and he would never walk again. Once they performed the surgery they discovered the spinal chord was intact, but damaged. We don't know what this means for the future, but right now they are focusing on recovery from the surgery and rehab to come.

Here's a picture of David with Cole when they met two weekend's ago. (It's from my phone, so not the best quality.)
David and Janet are handling everything so well thus far. They have been very accepting of this and just want to figure out what the next steps are and what life is going to be like now. They have been so positive and just have so much trust in God's plan for them. It's hard not to be in awe and just inspired by them.

David's surgery went great, and he is supposed to be moving out of ICU soon. Janet has spent every day at the hospital and has just become his little protector. She's taking good care of him and making sure he's getting rest with all the visitors he's getting. We know the journey will be full of ups and downs for them, but there are so many encouraging things and so much to be thankful for. It's a life changer though...please pray for them and David's family as he continues to heal and transitions into this new normal for them.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cole Updates

We visited the pediatrician last Friday. It was Cole's 6 month check up...a little late. He's doing great and meeting his milestones. He weighed 19 lbs 5 oz (70%) , 28.25 in long (90%), and 84% for head circumference. So he's still a big boy! The doctor gave us the ok to start him on 3 meals a day of solids, and that has been going well so far. We also got the go ahead to start him on some finger foods when he's ready...starting with the teething biscuit since it's easy to hold onto. We bought some today and here are some pictures from his first teething biscuit. What a mess! Please excuse the snot running from his nose. It's just not going away. Next time we will be having one of these in a diaper only.
Another new thing for the Cole-man is he finally rolled from his back to his stomach. He's been so close for a few weeks. The last few days of the week his babysitter told me he was rolling over in the pack-n-play when he woke up from his naps. Well, Friday night I was getting him ready for bed and he just rolled over like it was no big deal. Now it's non-stop and so fun to watch. He's done a few rolls back and forth too. It does make me nervous because he's rolling over in his bed too and sleeping on his stomach during naps mostly. At night he's still been on his back so far. This is how we found him Saturday morning!
We are entering the semi-mobile stage! I can't believe he'll be 7 months next week! So many changes coming our way!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Cole's First Pumpkin Patch

We visited Carmichael's Pumpkin Patch in Bixby this morning. Tony and I had gone two years ago and tried to get our pumpkins there, but it was super muddy because it had rained the day before we went. They have a produce stand up the road that we ended up going to so we didn't have to get all dirty. Then last year, we did the same thing. But, this year, with the Cole-man, we wanted to get the pumpkin patch experience. This was our one weekend in October to go, so we got there soon after they opened at 9:30 this morning (got some Chick-fil-a breakfast for the mom and dad on the way). We got there early enough that it wasn't super crowded, which was good. We even saw two people that we knew!
They have all kinds of fun pumpkins though...white, green, orange of all sizes, stripes, etc. There are a lot of great places to take pictures of the little ones. So there were tons of families out. They also have a hay ride, petting zoo kind of thing, and I don't really know what else...we didn't check that out since Cole's so little.
We just took a bunch of pictures and picked up some pumpkins. We got two big, two medium, and quite a few little orange ones, a few little white ones, and a larger green one. I wanted a bigger white one, but Tony had already checked out by the time I figured out that I wanted to get one. :) Next year! Our house is looking much more fall like after our visit to the pumpkin patch! We also planted some mums in our containers by our front door. Now, we are waiting for the weather to cool off...which should be happening next week!
I just love this last picture! It's so sweet. I love my guys!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

First Sick Day

I just had my first sick day at home with Cole. He's doing just fine though. Last night we got him all ready for bed and I was walking to the rocking chair to rock him before putting him down, and he just started throwing up. I was shocked, frozen, I didn't know what to do! He threw up about four times and it went all over me, him, the carpet, and our chair and a half & ottoman. I was like uh Tony! He's throwing up! So we spent the next 30 minutes cleaning up the mess including baths for Cole and me. It was a mess! Luckily my Dad (who prepares for everything) got the chair and a half & ottoman treated and warrantied, so it's going to be professionally cleaned in a few days. Good thing because it smells! You never think about getting thrown up on when you think about having a baby, that's for sure!

I'm not sure what caused this last night, but the other baby at Cole's daycare was out yesterday because she threw up on Monday. So it must have been something going around. Our sitter wanted me to keep him at home just to let him rest and recover and make sure he was feeling ok. He had a pretty normal day today and didn't get sick again, thankfully. We are going to be heading back to work and the babysitter's tomorrow. We had a nice little day at home together. We slept in (until 7, but that's better than 5), took naps, cleaned up the house, and started packing for our trip to Houston on Friday. We also played and hung out...which is always fun!
It was a much needed day of rest and relaxation with the little man at home. :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Every Runner Loves New Shoes!

We both got some cool new shoes in the mail yesterday! It always makes it a little more exciting to go out for your first run in some fresh, new shoes. We wear our shoes for about 300-400 miles at the most before switching to a new pair. So it's an accomplishment and a reminder of a lot of miles when you leave an old pair behind. Now, if we could figure out what to do with the dozens of old running shoes around the house! We need to find a place to donate them, I suppose.

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