Saturday, September 3, 2011

OU/Texas Already?

I can't believe it's September already and we are starting college football. Cole is sporting his two teams today!
He had a good week at the babysitter and even got to leave early on Friday and come to work with me for a little bit. We had a professional day at work on Friday, so we had a few meetings but that was it. We are getting more into the swing of things and getting out the door in the morning without forgetting anything! We definitely look forward to the weekend and sleeping more and spending time with the little man.

My favorite times with Cole are in the morning, after he's eaten. He's always in a good mood and so sweet. He was just laying on the floor this morning playing with his feet and faking us out on him rolling over. :)

With the long weekend we have a few little projects we want to do. One of them is to put down some more mulch and weeding our front flower bed. It's gotten a little out of control with it being so hot and us not wanting to get outside and fix it up! We talked about making a headboard for our guest bedroom, but I'm not sure if that's going to happen or not. The weather here is supposed to be so nice starting tomorrow - highs in the 80s! We've had 42 days over 100 this summer and we are over it! We are wanting to get in a good run with this great weather either Sunday or Monday. Other than that, we will be watching college football. OU comes on tonight and Tony's Dad is coming over to watch with us since he's in town until tomorrow. I guess we will be checking Texas's game on the computer since it's not on TV here.

Hook 'em Horns! (and Boomer Sooner for Tony)

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