Sunday, August 28, 2011

The New Normal

I haven't been able to write as often because we started our first full week of school last week. The first day was the Thursday before and teachers went back that Monday. So we've had two full weeks now of both of us working and Cole going to the babysitter. We decided on an in home daycare after visiting several daycares close to my school. We are happy with our choice so far. Cole gets a lot of attention and gets to be around some bigger kids too.

The first week was really hard. I cried before we left the house, after, we dropped him off and a few times at work. It was just so different. I had Cole all to myself for five months! Then Tuesday and Wednesday came around and we had Meet the Teacher night and the pilates the next night. So I felt like I had no time at home. Then the first two days with students came. It's usually hard enough to get used to going back to school and this was just making it harder. I can't even remember what day now but I even forgot Cole's milks for the day and Tony had to go home and get it. I was having a tough time!

This past week went much more smoothly. I didn't forget anything and we made it where we needed to be on time. We are starting to get more used to this new routine and we really look forward to our time after work and on the weekends together.

One of the biggest challenges so far is pumping at work. I have classes all the way until lunch. So I have to quickly pump before I eat (we only get 30 min) and then a little more during my plan time. I feel like my time at school is very rushed trying to do that and get as much done as possible so I can leave to get my little man. But I'm making it work so far. The other challenge is not having the weekend to sleep in. Getting up at seven didn't bother me when I wasn't working but now I get up at five during the week, and I just was to sleep until say eight! I'm not a napper, but I've had to take a few on the weekends.

I'm also trying to fit running into all of this. I think once the weather starts to cool off it will be easier because we can take Cole with us, and especially on the weekend get our runs done at once rather than Tony going and them me going.

Otherwise we haven't been doing too much on the weekends. We have a few little projects we want to work on with the three day weekend coming up and then it gets busy with my parents coming, golf tournament, and a wedding all in one weekend. So we are just enjoying not having much that we have to do right now.

Here are a few pictures from this morning. Cole LOVES the exersaucer right now. He's figured out how to get himself all the way around to play with all the toys. Our baby is just growing up! :)

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