Friday, August 5, 2011

Charleston Visit

Here are some pictures from our couple days in Charleston while we were in South Carolina. We flew in and out of there and since we had to be out of our rentL house on Saturday, we had that afternoon and Sunday to spend there. We stayed at a Holiday Inn historic hotel on Meeting street which was really nice because we were a short walk to everything. We walked through the market and a few shops along the way. We also did a carriage tour which I had never done before. It was neat to hear the stories and hear about all the history of the city. It was super hot when we were there so we had to take a cool off break after that and check into the hotel. We went to dinner that night at a really good Italian place and had some Ben & Jerry's for dessert! Really just walking around and checking out all the houses and shops is the most fun part about going there.

Sunday morning, Tony and I managed to get in a five mile run while my Mom watched Cole. We checked out some more residential areas and found a place for all of us to go to breakfast called Toast. We did a little more walking in the morning, but had to head to the airport before lunch time. This part of the trip was just with my parents and Janet. So we enjoyed those few extra days with them.

Our plane rides back to Tulsa did not go as smoothly as the ones going! Cole was a different baby! He was fussy and crying the entire time. We tried everything to entertain him and it wasn't working. He didn't sleep at all. The only time he was quiet was when he was nursing. Needless to say, we got some dirty looks and comments from people sitting by us. But we were trying everything. I wanted to say, do you think we like hearing him cry? No!

We were ready to get home after all that! We were all exhausted. It was not the best ending to the trip, but Cole was good for the other 7 1/2 days we were there. So we can't complain too much.


Mama Keramidas said...

Love your picture slide show. I need to figure out how to do that too!!

Tony and Beth said...

Hey Tori! It's so easy! You just go to and upload your pictures, then it'll give you an html code to just post in your blogger post. You can even get your pics off of facebook so you can just upload a whole album without having to search out each picture again.

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