Friday, July 29, 2011

Rice Cereal-YUM!

Wednesday afternoon Cole got his first taste of rice cereal, which I'm sure tastes like nothing or the breast milk that it was mixed with. But it was also his first encounter with a spoon. He didn't quite know what to do with it all. He would take some of the cereal in his mouth and then just push it back out with his tongue. I don't know if he even swallowed any! He did eventually end up crying because he was tired of sitting up in the Bumbo.

We tried again yesterday, but he wasn't feeling too well after getting his immunization shots the day before and was having nothing to do with eating cereal or a bottle. He was actually running a fever most of the day, so we ended up giving him some Tylenol which really helped. He seems to be feeling better today, so we'll make another attempt with the cereal. Our pediatrician told us to just have fun with giving him food and not to stress about it and to just see where he is at with it for his six month appointment. So no pressure Cole!

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