Friday, July 1, 2011

Homemade Pizza

I made the pizza dough recipe from the June Southern Living. We have another recipe that we usually use for crust, but I wanted to try this one. We could not track down the 00 flour, but made it with regular flour anyways. I think the 00 flour is supposed to make it crispier. So hopefully we can try that one day. The recipe made enough for us to have two meals which is a good thing because it's a little bit of a process to make, but it did freeze well.

We made a pesto one...

and a tomato sauce one...

Both were really good. We made them one at a time so we could use the pizza stone. It makes the crust cook so much better. We will definitely use the recipe again. It's a weekend one though.

This is what Cole was doing while we were cooking

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