Friday, July 29, 2011

Rice Cereal-YUM!

Wednesday afternoon Cole got his first taste of rice cereal, which I'm sure tastes like nothing or the breast milk that it was mixed with. But it was also his first encounter with a spoon. He didn't quite know what to do with it all. He would take some of the cereal in his mouth and then just push it back out with his tongue. I don't know if he even swallowed any! He did eventually end up crying because he was tired of sitting up in the Bumbo.

We tried again yesterday, but he wasn't feeling too well after getting his immunization shots the day before and was having nothing to do with eating cereal or a bottle. He was actually running a fever most of the day, so we ended up giving him some Tylenol which really helped. He seems to be feeling better today, so we'll make another attempt with the cereal. Our pediatrician told us to just have fun with giving him food and not to stress about it and to just see where he is at with it for his six month appointment. So no pressure Cole!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cole-Man at 4 Months

We had Cole's 4 month check up yesterday. We are a week late with this because of going on vacation. His stats are: Length: 27 in (96%), Weight: 16 lbs, 12 oz (78%), and Head: 44 cm (86%). So he's dropped out of the 90th percentile in his weight, but he's still really long. Cole has continued to be a great sleeper. He goes to be around 8 or 8:30 and doesn't wake up until 7 in the morning, and he's pretty predictable with that. He still eats about 5 times a day, but we are starting to see him being able to go longer in between feedings. The doctor said we should start him on some rice cereal once a day, so we'll have some pictures of that soon!

The major milestone Cole has achieved this month is the roll over! Two days ago, he was on his tummy and started to cry and get upset and just pushed his arms up and rolled right over. Now he has figured out that he knows how to get off his tummy and will roll over pretty quickly. He also is full of smiles! We love this of course and try to make him smile all the time. He will also do a little laugh every now and then, but that is a little harder to come by. It has to be something really good to make him laugh!

Cole is still wearing 3-6 month clothes, but is starting to grow out of the ones that are a little smaller. He can also wear some 6-9 month clothes as well. He really grew while we were on vacation! He is also done with the swaddle blanket, we think. He's been sleeping in a sleep sack for the past few nights since he was waking up out of the swaddle blanket anyways.

During his 4th month, Cole also went on his first vacation (which I still need to post pictures of!) to Myrtle Beach, SC and Charleston, SC for a week. He did a great job on the airplane on the way there, and not so good on the way back. I think he was just really tired and ready to be back home since he was really off his schedule in Charleston. But, he did really great otherwise. All of our family really enjoyed spending time with him for a whole week. He got lots of love!

Cole's personality is really starting to show. He's so much more interactive and watches everything. It's so much fun! We love our little man to pieces!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

We celebrated our 3 year anniversary yesterday! Many things have changed since we got married - moving to Oklahoma, new jobs, visiting new places, etc. but most of all becoming parents to our precious little Cole-man. Our relationship has grown and just keeps getting better.

To celebrate, we had an offer from one of my co-workers to babysit, so we went out to dinner just the two of us. We waited until after Cole had eaten his last meal for the night at 7 pm. We gave him his bath and let the babysitter do his lotion, story time, and put him to bed. He actually went right to sleep which was a relief! We ate at a local place called Lucky's. We had been there for breakfast with Tony's family and really enjoyed it and wanted to go back for dinner. They have great food with kind of different flavors, so we had to try and share a bunch of different things. When we got home, Tony had gotten a cake from Merritt's that looked similar to our wedding cake, so we had that for dessert.

We are looking forward to what our next year of marriage has in store!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Vacation, Finally!

We leave for our vacation tomorrow to Myrtle Beach, SC! We are staying for a week at a house on the beach and then spending a night in Charleston before heading home. This is our family reunion trip since we didn't get to go to Toledo for the Jamie Farr tournament this year. (It was cancelled this year due to a senior tour event there. It'll be back next year.) So my aunts, uncles, and cousins that live in Ohio are all coming to the beach too, and we are all staying in one big house together. We are looking forward to hanging out on the beach and relaxing, shopping, playing golf-Tony, and just hanging out with the family.

When we lived in Anderson, SC, we used to go to Myrtle Beach every summer because it was only a few hour drive. Since we've moved to Texas, I think we've only been back once or twice. One thing I remember as a kid is always going to the water park, Myrtle Waves, and we thought it was so big and the coolest thing. Then going back years later, we went to the water park and realized that is wasn't quite what we remembered. We did the whole thing in about an two hours when we used to spend the whole day there! It's be cool to see how things have changed even since the last time we were there.

Since we have the little man with us this time, it'll be a little different that's for sure. He definitely has his schedule that we keep if we want a happy baby. So, tomorrow is going to rock his world. We have to get up at like 3 am to leave the house by 4 am for our 6 am flight! Then we have another flight in Houston at 10 am to Charleston. We are not used to getting up so early anymore...thankfully! Last time we flew at that time in the morning, Cole got up to eat before we had to leave anyways and slept the whole time on the plane. I have a feeling he won't be sleeping much! He really is used to sleeping in his crib or in his car seat or stroller. So I will be really surprised if he sleeps on one of our laps. So we will pretty much have to leave the normal schedule behind tomorrow. Plus you're supposed to feed them during take-off and landing to help their ears. Cole will be eating off schedule then too. Oh well! I've heard that it takes a couple of weeks after going away on vacation to get back on your normal schedule. It's worth it though to spend time with everyone! We will take lots of pictures! Cole will be celebrating his 4 month birthday while we are gone too!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cole's Favorite Thing

This is Cole's new favorite position. He would rather be standing or sitting up (with our help) than anything else most of the time. No progress in the rolling over department, but he sure does love this. Tony and I like it because he gives us tons of smiles and giggles when we pull him up!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July Projects

Since we had a three day weekend, we decided to do a few projects around the house that we've been wanting to do for awhile.

The first was to paint our laundry room. We painted it the same tan color as the rest of our house when we moved in, but since the room has no windows it was kind of dark looking. We needed a change. So we decided on a light green color that brightens up the space so much more. We did the project in one afternoon with us taking turns playing with Cole when he was up. I want to get a few hooks to hang on the wall for coats and things like that.

The next project was to recover our dining room chairs. We were given the dining room furniture from a friend who was moving and wanted to get rid of it. It's a nice, big round wood table and chairs. The seat cushions were just a tan color. We want to get some color going in that room, so decided to start with the cushions. We went to JoAnn Fabrics, they were having a sale so we got the fabric 50% off and got a 15% teacher discount. We were able to recover the chairs for about $40! Here is the before and after. Now we need to do some new place mats and some curtains and we'll be all set.

We also have a third project that is almost finished. I haven't taken pictures of that yet. We had my dresser from growing up in our guest room. It was a light pine color and was kind of looking a little yellowed. We decided to make our first venture in staining and sanded and stained the dresser a blueish grey color. It looks really cool, but we don't have any hardware for the drawers yet. So pictures of that to come. We want to get our guest room a little more together and are thinking of doing a fabric headboard too.

It was a little challenging getting things like this done with the little man around now. We couldn't always work on something together and had to take turns playing with Cole or I had to feed him. But we managed and are really pleased with how everything turned out.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Homemade Pizza

I made the pizza dough recipe from the June Southern Living. We have another recipe that we usually use for crust, but I wanted to try this one. We could not track down the 00 flour, but made it with regular flour anyways. I think the 00 flour is supposed to make it crispier. So hopefully we can try that one day. The recipe made enough for us to have two meals which is a good thing because it's a little bit of a process to make, but it did freeze well.

We made a pesto one...

and a tomato sauce one...

Both were really good. We made them one at a time so we could use the pizza stone. It makes the crust cook so much better. We will definitely use the recipe again. It's a weekend one though.

This is what Cole was doing while we were cooking

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