Thursday, June 2, 2011

Road Trip

For Memorial Day weekend we made our first family road trip to The Woodlands to see my parents. We left on Thursday afternoon and Tony was able to schedule some work things in Houston to combine the trips. The drive went pretty well. Cole had some crying episodes, especially when he was starting to get tired, but he ended up sleeping pretty well overall once he got to sleep. We only had to make a few stops and the time went by quickly because of taking care of Cole and feeding him. The same was true for the drive home. We were just a little more tired coming back.

While in The Woodlands, we were able to see some friends, go running (even though it was 100 degrees!), go swimming, and just hang out. It was really relaxing and felt like a vacation. We were able to go to a few of our favorite restaurants too. My cousin, Bryan, also came down for the weekend. I know Tony enjoyed playing golf with him and my Dad. It was so nice to have my parents around and some more hands to help take care of Cole. Too bad they won't move to Tulsa! :) We also went to lunch with Tony's Mom and Sean since she's still in the US for a few more weeks too.

A few swimming pics

A few more from the weekend

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