Monday, June 27, 2011

New Recipes

We tried a few new recipes this weekend to get us out of our weekly food rut. We seem to eat the same stuff all the time. We love cookies around here, almost as much as ice cream, but you can always put them together as one awesome dessert too! Tony found a website called FoodGawker where people post pictures of recipes and you can click the picture and it takes you to wherever the recipe can be found. So we made these chocolate chip cookies. I halved the recipe because it says it makes 8 dozen cookies! We would never eat that many nor do we need to! I got about 3 dozen out of half the recipe. I also did not do the "tips" it has on there, but they still turned out really good. I used regular chocolate chips and all purpose flour instead of pastry flour, but I did use bread flour. I think the bread flour really made them stay puffy and not flatten out. Here is a picture of how ours turned out.

We also made these honey lime enchiladas with a green sauce. We also only made one pan of these, not two. They were really good though! Tony made some pico to put on top of them and had some chips with it.

We spent more time in the kitchen yesterday afternoon that we did relaxing, but we had a good dinner and dessert when it was all said and done.

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