Saturday, June 18, 2011

Little Man is 3 Months Old!

Cole turned 3 months old today! 3 months in baby weeks is 13 weeks. (I didn't know this and had to look it up.) We took some pictures today, but I'm kind of bummed because we don't have our good camera right now. It's having some auto focus issues and we had to send it back to Canon. Hopefully we won't have to wait too long to get it fixed and returned. But we got some cute ones's pretty easy to get cute pictures of this little man. :)

The past month we've seen the most changes in Cole. He's continued to grow, but he's still wearing the 3 to 6 month clothes. He seems bigger, but not as much change in that as we saw between the first and second months. He has become so much more social and aware. He smiles all the time and has started to laugh a little bit. It's kind of like an inhale with a noise right now. His "talking" has also increased. He talks to himself and us and his toys on his playmat. He was laying in bed tonight just talking to himself before he went to sleep. It's fun to see him developing this happy side that he shares with us. He doesn't cry nearly as much as he used to either. And when he does cry it's so much more predictable and easy to figure out what's wrong. Cole loves to be carried where he has face forward and see everything that's going on. His favorite spot right now is sitting on our laps facing out and sitting up with our help. He just smiles and makes cute little faces when he's sitting up. You can tell he loves it. He has also discovered his hands even more. They are in his mouth all the time! Between sucking loudly on his hands, his "talking" noises, and his smiles, he just cracks us up! We are loving the amount of interaction we are getting with him already.

The major excitement for this month has been in the last week. We were working on his "sleep training" for about two weeks. Cole really sleeps well at night and has been able to sleep from about 9 pm to 7 am regularly. Naps had been pretty inconsistent and we were still having to work him to sleep by holding and bouncing him. Two weeks ago we started to let him cry for 15 to 20 min when it was bed or nap time and if he was still crying we'd go to him and help him go to sleep. This continued until one day, he cried for the 15 minutes, but went to sleep on his own! He did this for one nap only for a few days and then one day he just did it for all his naps and for bed and we haven't looked back since. He's started to cry less and less when we lay him down too. I told my Mom today that we don't know what to do with all this extra time on our hands. We were spending a lot of time each day helping him get to sleep, but it was worth it now! His naps have also improved since he falls asleep so much easier now.

This past month we also took Cole on two road trips, to Houston and to Springfield, IL. It's not easy to impose your baby schedule on other people and still do fun things on little trips, but it's not really our style to pass up doing trips and going places. We've gotten pretty good at traveling with a baby already, I think. While in Houston, Cole also had his first swimming experience which he liked of course since he loves the bath already. Springfield was Cole's first golf tournament.

We can't believe that it's already been 3 months since Cole was born. In some ways it feels like a long time, but short in others. Each week continues to get easier and easier. We really can look back now to those first few weeks and month or so as the most difficult/challenging times just learning what to do with this little person. We really have developed a routine that makes each day more predictable. As always, we can't wait to see what the next month brings though!

Happy 3 Month Birthday Cole!! We love you bunches!!

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