Thursday, May 5, 2011

Aunt Janie's Visit

Last weekend Janet came to visit all the way from San Diego! She came in on Thursday night which gave us an extra day with her. We had so much fun even though we didn't really do too much. This was supposed to be her first time to meet Cole, but with going up to Toledo, she had already gotten to see him. Now she got to see how much he's grown in three weeks!

I was so impressed with Janet and how she helped so much with Cole. She changed very dirty diapers, gave him a bath, held him a ton, and just helped out so much.
Bath time!

Getting massaged and some tummy time

We went out on Friday because I had my 6 week doctors appointment and then had lunch with Tony at Dilly Deli. We also went out on Saturday morning to the Cherry Street Farmers Market, like we did with Tony's family a few weeks ago, and went out to breakfast after that. Since Janet was there Tony and I also got to do a run together. I got to run for the first time on Friday! We really just hung around the house besides that. It was just relaxing.

I was definitely sad to see Janet go on Sunday. We started making plans for when we are going to see her. We are going to head out to San Diego on my fall break again like we did last year. Cole will be seven months by then, so it should be pretty fun. Plus we are trying to convince my parents to come out there that weekend too.

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