Monday, April 11, 2011

Unplanned Events

We had to take our first trip with Cole on Tuesday of last week. We weren't planning on doing that until a few months from now, but things happen. My Pappa on my Dad's side passed away the week before from heart failure. He'd also had Alzheimer's for quite some time and he really wasn't doing so well. We had talked to him on Skype the weekend before he passed away and were able to introduce him to Cole, which was really special. I think they just stared at each other for most of the conversation, but it was still cute. I think (with lots of help from the relatives up there) he knew who Cole was that day and that he was meeting his great grandson. A few days later Pappa joined Grandma in heaven and I know that they are happier together. It was always hard to see him without her over the past year. The viewing and funeral service were very nice and it was especially great to be around family and friends who loved my Pappa so much.

The viewing and funeral were Tuesday and Wednesday of last week in Toledo. So we got up very early (aka after Cole's 3 am feeding) and headed to the airport to fly to Detroit. Cole did great on the plane going and coming home. He ate at the beginning of each flight and slept the rest of the time in someone's arms.
Here we are on our first airplane ride.

I had to say the heck with it and breastfeed him in public several times including on the plane, in the airport, etc. But, I'm so glad I had my nifty little smock thingy to hide everything. We also had nursing going on at the funeral home, the car, people's bedrooms, the church nursery, wherever we happened to be at that time. Tony tells me that breastfeeding is a full time job, and I'm glad he recognizes that and gives me some credit for it because it is not easy. The schedule and the logistics are always on your mind even when you're not feeding. I also felt like I had to spend a lot of time away from everyone else and wasn't as much a part of the family time, but I really didn't have any other option. I felt like it went well though. Now, the only thing that wasn't so great was Cole's sleeping. He had a hard time for lots of reasons, I think. We were up early and going to bed late. He was sleeping in people's arms all day. He was in a pack n play and laying flat which he hadn't done much of at home yet because he's been sleeping in this little napper attachment on our pack n play. So we did several sessions of sleeping on Dad's tummy, but we survived. Stacy was really thrilled with all the crying that was going on when it was Cole's bedtime. :) Her room was the closest to ours. Sorry Stace! Tony and I were worn out after the trip though. I really didn't get the sleep that I had been getting at home. We came back on Thursday afternoon and had the rest of the weekend to recover though.

On our way home, we had some extra time at the airport, some how, I don't know how because it took us forever to do anything, but we were able to get some homemade chips that we love from this Guiness bar in the Detroit airport. This was Cole's first trip to a "bar".

Stacy was on our flight home and literally saved me from a breakdown a few times! In my defense, I was so very tired. Cole had a screaming fit while we were trying to check in and carry all our bags across the airport and she took him and calmed him down. She also held him almost the whole plane ride home. Here they are all snuggled up.

This is how Cole spent the entire trip...

While we were in Toledo we really just spent most of the time with family. We had meals together and just hung out pretty much. Of course we had great food from Aunt Kathy and cookie cakes and malt cakes. Doesn't get much better! Cole even got his own malt cake. My Dad gave him a little frosting even after I protested!

Even though the trip was for a sad reason, we were so happy to be able to make it to Toledo. Everyone got to meet Cole for the first time. My parents were the only ones who had seen him in person. We were able to spend quality time with our family which really is the best way to honor my grandparents who truely just loved every second they got to spend with us. They were there in spirit as we all enjoyed our time together.


Gina and Michael said...

Well, you need to get Cole's passport ready, there is no telling where he might go next! Such a celebration of life in so many ways and I just know that having Cole there made your family so happy. Judging by the pictures, he looks pretty happy as well! ;-) He is a doll!

BFing in public comes so easy to some and not to others, I for one still struggle with it. Flying on a Middle Eastern airline was great because all I had to do was mention that I was BFing and I practically got a whole section to myself! ;-) Heaven forbid a man be anywhere near me...regardless of the hooter hider! ;-) The more comfortable you are with it, the easier it gets to get out and about because you don't have the anxiety of where will I feed him, will he wake up on my 30 minute trek to Target...etc. Hang in there! You're doing a great job Mama! And my goodness, he is absolutely adorable!

Tony and Beth said...

Thank you! He will have to get that passport soon! We are hoping to make a trip with him to Paris next summer when he's a little older so he can see his cousins. The passport will be cmoing in the near future!

I just never thought much about the breastfeeding thing before I Cole was born. Just never crossed my mind how much he'd really be eating and how I'd be feeding him. The trip really forced me to do a lot of new things that I wouldn't have done for awhile with the BF and otherwise. So in the end, it was really good for me too!

Dad and Aurora said...

Hi Tony and Beth,

Very sorry to hear about your Grandfather's passing, Beth.

I watched Stacy's extraordinary victory at the Nabisco and having watched many golf tournaments over the years in person and on TV...In my judgement it was one of the most spectacular performances of heart and grit that I have ever witnessed including having been to the Master's a few times.

But it really doesn't surprise me based on the support and love that I have seen on many occasions on your blog from your family.

Very happy Cole enjoyed the start of being a "frequent flyer".

Take care,
Dad and Aurora

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