Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bath Time

These pictures were from earlier this week. Cole LOVES getting a bath! At first he hated them and would scream the whole time, but within the past few weeks he's been so calm and quiet while getting his bath. He likes the warm wash cloth over his belly to keep him warm. He looks so serious in these pictures, but we are still waiting on him to smile. So to me, not crying means he likes it!

Another guy in the household likes bath time too...Tony's taken over that job! I like doing it too, but Tony needs some time with Cole. So that's their thing now most of the time.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Weekend

The weekends always go by so fast! This weekend Stacy came to see us on Saturday afternoon. On Saturday, we made it out to run some errands to restock our pantry and refrigerator. So we went to Sam's, Reasor's, and Wal Mart to get lots of stuff. By the time we were done Stacy was here. We relaxed the rest of the afternoon, but the excitement of the day was that Tony, Stacy, and I got to go out to dinner without baby Cole. This was our first time to go out without him since he was born. Tony's mom offered to babysit for us so we could go. We went to Charleston's, which was where Tony and I had our last date before Cole was born! It was a nice, relaxing meal, and we really enjoyed the short break.

The weather has been dark, cold, and rainy all day today, but we still went to church for the Easter service at 9 am. Cole did great and slept the whole time. The music startled him a few times, but he did well. He's been more fussy lately, so we weren't sure how it was going to go. We came back and Cole got his Easter basket from his Gigi and Pappa (my parents). We tried a few pictures of him with it and they came out pretty funny. He wasn't too into the pics!

I fed Cole while Tony started making our brunch. We had tons of food that was all delicious! Frittata (from skinnytaste Andie & Mom!), bacon, croissants, pancakes with blueberries and granola, and fruit. I think I had seconds of everything! Here's Tony with all of his creations. Thank goodness I have a husband who likes to cook!

Now we are watching some TV, Tony's reading the paper, and Stacy and Cole are doing this...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cole - One Month

We celebrated Cole's one month birthday on Monday! I got these cute monthly stickers off Etsy, my new favorite! We made cupcakes and sang Happy Birthday to Cole too. He really enjoyed that. He's grown so much in a month. We measured him and he's about 22 1/2 inches long now and about 11 pounds. He's definitely filling out and not looking like a newborn anymore. He's becoming more aware and will stare at us now. He likes eating and sleeping and being held by mommy and daddy...well actually anyone who will hold him! He's really comfortable with other people. He likes to lay on his play mat every once in awhile and likes his infant seat/rocker. The swing is out for right now, but I keep trying to make him like it! :) We love our little man and can't wait to see what the next month has in store!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cherry St. Farmers Market

Tony's sister, Andie, and her little girl Louise are in Tulsa this week along with Tony's parents. We went to the Cherry St. Farmers Market this morning. It was a little bit chilly this morning, but sunny, so it wasn't too bad. We got some coffee/hot chocolate and some pastries when we first got there. We bought some bread, green onions, and mixed greens for salad. We had a really good time, and will definitely be going back as the summer goes on. I'm sure they will start to have some different fruits and veggies. Here are some pics from our trip.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Etsy Obsessed!

I'm becoming a big fan of Etsy! We got four prints for Cole's room from there and I ordered something else the other's a'll see soon. I like to just look around on there and see what kind of cute things people are making and selling. This store, Eight Baby Legs, has the cutest onesies! I might have to get one for Cole, but I'd have a really hard time deciding which one! I do like this whale one though. If I had a girl, I would be all over the ones with the flower appliques!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cole is Loved

Obviously he is! But Cole got two packages in the mail today from his great grandparents. One is from my Poppa on my Dad's side, the one who passed away. Aunt Kathy had a Build A Bear Bunny done for Cole from Poppa. He name is Louie, of course! The other is one of my favorite books as a kid, Babar! This came from my Mom's parents. They remembered how much I loved it and wanted to get the book for Cole too. I already read it to Cole this morning!

Thank you to the greatest Great Grandparents!

Congrats Stacy!

Our Stacy won the Kraft Nabisco Tournament! We are a little behind on posting about it with our trip to Ohio and everything. She's on the cover of this week's GolfWeek and has a great article in there. You can click here to read more articles about it too. There are tons of articles out there about it. I think I could spend all day finding more and more. She even made ESPN's Top 10 for the weekend. This was the LPGA's first major of the year and Stacy's first win! We could not be more proud and excited for her! She works so hard and it's easy to see how much she loves what she's doing and how seriously she takes it. This win is much deserved!

My parents and Janet were able to be there which made it even more special. Unfortunately, when they did they traditional jump into Poppie's Pond to celebrate the win my Mom hurt her leg. She had to go to the hospital immediately after and they thought it was broken. Luckily when they got back to Houston she had it looked at again and found it was a muscle strain. She doesn't need a cast and is supposed to start walking on it soon. I know she's still in some pain, but it's getting better and should heal in a few more weeks. The really sad thing is that she had been training for her first marathon in June and had gotten up to running 14 miles! I'm so impressed with how she's stuck to her plan and was really getting into the running. So she better pick another race! I think she got the running bug. :)

Tony and I watched Stacy's entire round on TV. That's the bonus of leading a tournament! I think we saw every shot she hit that day. We couldn't believe how it was all playing out and so wished we could be there too. I cried watching her walk up to the 18th green. It was such a special moment for her and one she'll never forget! Congratulations Stacy!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Unplanned Events

We had to take our first trip with Cole on Tuesday of last week. We weren't planning on doing that until a few months from now, but things happen. My Pappa on my Dad's side passed away the week before from heart failure. He'd also had Alzheimer's for quite some time and he really wasn't doing so well. We had talked to him on Skype the weekend before he passed away and were able to introduce him to Cole, which was really special. I think they just stared at each other for most of the conversation, but it was still cute. I think (with lots of help from the relatives up there) he knew who Cole was that day and that he was meeting his great grandson. A few days later Pappa joined Grandma in heaven and I know that they are happier together. It was always hard to see him without her over the past year. The viewing and funeral service were very nice and it was especially great to be around family and friends who loved my Pappa so much.

The viewing and funeral were Tuesday and Wednesday of last week in Toledo. So we got up very early (aka after Cole's 3 am feeding) and headed to the airport to fly to Detroit. Cole did great on the plane going and coming home. He ate at the beginning of each flight and slept the rest of the time in someone's arms.
Here we are on our first airplane ride.

I had to say the heck with it and breastfeed him in public several times including on the plane, in the airport, etc. But, I'm so glad I had my nifty little smock thingy to hide everything. We also had nursing going on at the funeral home, the car, people's bedrooms, the church nursery, wherever we happened to be at that time. Tony tells me that breastfeeding is a full time job, and I'm glad he recognizes that and gives me some credit for it because it is not easy. The schedule and the logistics are always on your mind even when you're not feeding. I also felt like I had to spend a lot of time away from everyone else and wasn't as much a part of the family time, but I really didn't have any other option. I felt like it went well though. Now, the only thing that wasn't so great was Cole's sleeping. He had a hard time for lots of reasons, I think. We were up early and going to bed late. He was sleeping in people's arms all day. He was in a pack n play and laying flat which he hadn't done much of at home yet because he's been sleeping in this little napper attachment on our pack n play. So we did several sessions of sleeping on Dad's tummy, but we survived. Stacy was really thrilled with all the crying that was going on when it was Cole's bedtime. :) Her room was the closest to ours. Sorry Stace! Tony and I were worn out after the trip though. I really didn't get the sleep that I had been getting at home. We came back on Thursday afternoon and had the rest of the weekend to recover though.

On our way home, we had some extra time at the airport, some how, I don't know how because it took us forever to do anything, but we were able to get some homemade chips that we love from this Guiness bar in the Detroit airport. This was Cole's first trip to a "bar".

Stacy was on our flight home and literally saved me from a breakdown a few times! In my defense, I was so very tired. Cole had a screaming fit while we were trying to check in and carry all our bags across the airport and she took him and calmed him down. She also held him almost the whole plane ride home. Here they are all snuggled up.

This is how Cole spent the entire trip...

While we were in Toledo we really just spent most of the time with family. We had meals together and just hung out pretty much. Of course we had great food from Aunt Kathy and cookie cakes and malt cakes. Doesn't get much better! Cole even got his own malt cake. My Dad gave him a little frosting even after I protested!

Even though the trip was for a sad reason, we were so happy to be able to make it to Toledo. Everyone got to meet Cole for the first time. My parents were the only ones who had seen him in person. We were able to spend quality time with our family which really is the best way to honor my grandparents who truely just loved every second they got to spend with us. They were there in spirit as we all enjoyed our time together.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Speedy Runners

Last Saturday my Mom and Tony ran in a 10k in Bartlesville called Run the 'Ville. A friend of Tony's signed him up because he had a free entry and since my Mom is training for her marathon in June, she was ready to run that distance too. Unfortunately we had some really bad weather that day. I think it was about 40 degrees, cloudy, windy, and misty rain. Cole and I went, but ended up spending the entire time in the car because of the weather. The good news is that Tony and my Mom both won their age groups! Tony also placed 2nd overall. His time was 40:42 (or something like that...Tony will change it if I'm not right!). My Mom also surprised herself and came in under an hour at 59:49. Here they are later that day once we came home with their trophies!

I have to say, it was pretty hard to just sit in the car during a race and not be able to run. Only 4 more weeks now until I can start again. Tony has signed me up for a 5k race the weekend after my 6 week check up. I won't have much time to get back in shape for that, but I'll just do the best I can and enjoy it!

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