Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow and More Snow

The big news around here the past two weeks has been the snow. Tulsa has gotten an extreme amount of snow. We had a snow that we missed two days of school for a few weeks before this, but last Tuesday we got 15 inches of snow. I have never seen so much snow in my life! The wind also caused the snow to make huge drifts everywhere it could collect. When I walked out in it, the snow came up over my boots and you couldn't tell where the road, driveway, anything was. It was just snow everywhere.

So needless to say, we couldn't get out of our house until Friday because our streets in the neighborhood were so piled with snow. They don't plow the neighborhoods here either, so that made it even worse. The temperatures didn't get above freezing until the weekend either. On Friday, we went up to Tony's work for a few hours so he could get some things done. I went and worked on some school plans for my maternity leave. While we were there, it started to snow again! So we headed home and made a quick stop at the grocery store. We got about 4 more inches that day. So no school from Tuesday through Friday last week.

It actually started to melt off this past weekend and they did a better job clearing the main roads, but the neighborhood was still awful. Huge ruts in the road that a low car couldn't make it through safely. We made it out to do a few errands on Saturday. Tony even found a stretch of road that's never busy to run on. I actually went out one day too.

Tony went back to work on Monday and Tuesday this week. We still did not have school due to the condition of the neighborhood streets. The sun came out and started melting more of the snow, so it was actually getting better. We had a huge row of icicles on the back of our house.

Just when things were starting to look better, we got another round of snow last night into today. They are saying we got another 6 inches or so. Add that to all the snow that we've already gotten and it's a mess again. Luckily we had gotten the entire driveway clear, but now Tony is out clearing it again. The windchill today is in the negatives and is going to stay cold into tomorrow too. It's not even worth trying to go anywhere today. Streets are covered again and all the melted areas have iced over. Tony stayed home from work again. I haven't had school since last Monday. We're going to have pretty much two weeks off of school, which is nice, but more time that has to be made up at some point. It's also not fun when you can't really go anywhere.

We are holding out for the 50s and 60s they are predicting for the weekend! We are over this snow!

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Tina @GottaRunNow said...

I stopped by for a visit because we're going to Europe and I remembered that you two are world travelers. I didn't find a post on London, but I did find out that you're expecting! Best wishes!

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