Friday, February 4, 2011

The Baby Room

My Mom and Dad flew to Tulsa last weekend on Friday afternoon to help us do some painting and organizing in the baby room.

Friday, my Mom, Dad, and Tony got the first coat of everything painted before we went to dinner for my Mom's birthday. Stacy drove from Arkansas to celebrate too.
We went to Wolfgang Puck Bistro on Brookside. It has a cool atmosphere and the food was pretty good. We really liked the butternut squash soup we got for an appetizer. We also got a cake from Merritt's bakery...everyone loved that of course!

The second coat of painting was underway and finished Friday night.

Saturday was spent getting the furniture in the room, organizing the clothes, toys, diapers, etc. that we've gotten so far. Sunday we ran some errands and just finished up a few things in the room. We even got the stroller/car seat out of the boxes and set up.

Here's the finished product, for now!

My parents' flight made it out just in time before all the snow came on Tuesday!

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Gina and Michael said...

The nursery looks adorable! Love the bookrack! Before you know it, he will be racing over to grab his favorite book to read yet again! This is such an exciting time! Enjoy it all!!!

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