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2010 Year in Review Part 1

Here we are over a month into 2011(I'm a little behind this year) which means it’s time for our annual year in review. Okay, since we’ve only had the blog since 2007, I guess this is only the 3rd time we’ve done this, but who’s keeping track right? Last year was a great year for Beth and I. It was our first full year of living together since we got married and it was pretty nice. Beth spent half of 2009 in Houston and half in Tulsa and I spent half of 2009 flying back and forth.

2010 started with Beth and I driving back to Tulsa from Houston. We were two days from starting our marathon training and we couldn’t wait to finally start. It had been in the 70s in Houston and we weren’t ready for what was ahead. As we got about 50 miles outside of Tulsa, the remnants of the major Christmas snow storm were everywhere. As we pulled into our neighborhood and saw that the streets were still covered with snow and ice, we realized that we weren’t in Houston anymore.

Unfortunately, January didn’t start very well. The second week of January Beth’s Grandma passed away. Luckily we were able to make it up to Toledo, Ohio for the funeral and although it was great to see all of Beth’s family again, the circumstances were less than favorable. Because we were barely into our marathon training, we decided to take our running stuff with us to Ohio. And of course when we got to Ohio there was snow everywhere as well. Luckily we had just left the cold and at least knew what to expect.

The rest of January and February was full of a lot of running. We even had to join a fitness center for a few months as the temperatures in Oklahoma got down into the single digits. There’s just something not so fun about running outside when the temperature is around 0 with the wind chill. I hate running on treadmills, but didn’t have another option at that point.

We welcomed in March with a planned trip to Las Vegas for my 30th birthday. Yes, I’m officially old. Beth had never been to Las Vegas and for whatever reason I thought it’d be fun to go(I hadn’t been in quite a few years). We flew out of Tulsa on a Friday and got to Vegas late Friday night. We stayed at the Wynn on the north end of the strip and really enjoyed it. Although most people don’t, we decided to rent a car so we could get off the strip and explore. Plus we had to do a long run while we were there since we were still in the middle of marathon training. And at that point we were only 6 weeks away from the actual race.

Beth and I decided to do our long run on Saturday, which was also my birthday. We got up and had breakfast then headed out to Red Rock Canyon where we thought we’d have a nice relaxing 16 mile run. Man were we wrong. As we got out of the car, we realized it wasn’t going to be a fun run. The wind was blowing about 35 mph and the road inside Red Rock Canyon was so busy, that we felt like we were dodging cars. Finally after 3 miles we decided enough was enough. We ran back to the car and decided to drive a few miles back into Vegas to finish our run. We parked at a grocery store and spent the next 13 miles running into 35 mph winds, but at least we weren’t having to dodge cars.

After we finished our miserable run, I decided it was time to introduce Beth to In N Out burger. What a way to celebrate our run. And a great place to have a birthday lunch. Needless to say, Beth was hooked! For the rest of the year, any time we went somewhere with an In N Out burger, we went.

After lunch, we headed back to the hotel to relax and shower. We had a reservation for my birthday dinner at Mesa Grill which is one of Bobby Flay’s restaurants. We ate at his main restaurant, Bar Americain in NYC, a few years back and it was awesome. Dinner ended up being great. We were both stuffed beyond stuffed after the meal so we decided to head back to the hotel.

The rest of Las Vegas included lots of walking on the Strip and a trip out to the Hoover Dam.

April was a big month in the Wysocki household. At the end of April, Beth and I ran in the Big Sur International Marathon in Monterey, California. Although the marathon definitely wasn’t easy, our 4 months of training paid off. We had a great time and felt like we were pretty prepared. Carol, Beth’s Mom, was nice enough to meet us in California and we had a great time touring the area with her. We arrived in San Jose on Friday evening and met Carol at the airport. We got up Saturday morning and drove to Monterey to go to the race expo and pick up our race packets. We found out that our bus to the start line would be leaving at 4:15 a.m. and we would need to be there around 3:50 a.m. This meant leaving our hotel at 3:40 and getting up about an hour before that around 2:40 a.m.

We spent the rest of Saturday just checking things out around Monterey and trying to rest a little. After dinner at California Pizza Kitchen, Beth and I decided to head to bed. It was a little strange going to bed at 7:30 p.m. with it still being light outside, but we needed to rest up. The alarm went off way too soon, but Beth and I were really excited for what was ahead. We walked over to Carol’s hotel and she dropped us off at the bus. The bus to the start line was long(about 45 minutes). As we pulled up to the starting line, there were people everywhere! We got off the bus and searched around for a place to sit down since we still had over an hour until the race started. But before we knew it, it was time to line up and run the marathon. I won’t recap the marathon again, but Beth and I had a great time. We finished around 3 hours and 49 minutes which put us 494th and 495th out of 3,453 runners.

After the race, we headed back to our hotel to shower and change. Then it was time for In N Out Burger! And I swear it’s never tasted so good. After eating, we did the famous 17-Mile Drive from Pacific Grove to Pebble Beach. We also re-drove the marathon route to show Carol how many hills there were. After driving it, Beth and I couldn’t believe that we had just run it. We probably won’t be doing the Big Sur Marathon again, but it was an experience of a lifetime and we are both really glad we did it.

We got back to Tulsa and only had about a month until we left for Australia. The Friday before Memorial Day, we packed up and headed to Sydney, Australia. We took a 3 hour flight from Tulsa to LA and then a 14 and a half hour flight from LA to Sydney. We got to fly on the new Airbus A-380 which is the largest passenger plane in the world. We found it to be really comfortable and thought it was one of our best long distance flights we've had.

After the long flight and the 17 hour time difference, we arrived in Sydney. We left on Friday and actually skipped Saturday in the air and landed very early Sunday morning. After gathering our bags, we headed to line of cabs to catch a ride into central Sydney where our hotel was. Because it was so early, our hotel didn't have a room ready for us. This gave us a little time to walk around the neighborhood and kind of check things out. We walked down towards the harbor and even walked around a market that goes on every Sunday in The Rocks district.

Here are a few pics from Sydney:

Here are some pics from the Blue Mountains:

Here are some pics from Port Douglas:

We got back from Australia in the middle of June and just kind of took it easy aside from a weekend trip down to Houston for Beth's friend Alyssa's wedding. The beginning of July brought our annual trip to Toledo for the Jamie Farr LPGA tournament. We had another great time in Ohio watching golf and more importantly hanging out with all of Beth's great family.

We got back from Ohio and a few weeks later celebrated our 2 year anniversary. We didn't do anything exciting but just had fun celebrating. More excitement came a few days later when we found out that we were having a baby!!! It was a little bit of a surprise to us, but not completely. And now that we are only a few weeks away, we can't wait!

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