Saturday, January 22, 2011

Snow Days

We had two snow days off of school this week, Thursday and Friday. This is what the snow looked like around our house.

We are hoping it all melts today. The temperature is supposed to get into the 40s. The roads in the neighborhood have still been pretty icy though. Tony still went to work this week eventhough it took him over double the time to get there on Thursday morning. I spent the snow days doing some cleaning and relaxing, but didn't get out much. I don't really like driving on the ice.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wedding Present

Yes, we got married 2 1/2 years ago now, but Janet hasn't forgotten that she "never got us a wedding present" didn't really bother us though. She said she wanted to get us something good and when she had a job and her own money to spend since she was still in college. So she made good on her promise and got this for us for our wedding! She picked out each letter and the framing of it. We had seen this type of art before, but I like Janet's choices and these letters a lot more than what we'd seen in the past. We found this spot for it in our dining room. Thank you again Jan! We LOVE it!

**These pictures are some of the first ones with our new camera. My sisters spoiled us...Stacy got us a new camera, a nice Canon SLR one. We've had fun playing with it and it takes such good pictures! Both of us had cameras that were YEARS old. So, a big thank you to Stacy too! We can't wait to use it on trips and baby pics!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Baby Shower!

My best friends, Sarah, Kristina, and Alyssa threw a beautiful baby shower for me while we were in The Woodlands for Christmas. We had it on Friday the 31st because Alyssa had to work on Saturday, plus Saturday was New Years and most people had Friday off anyways PLUS my sisters were actually in town too! So it all worked out that this was the best time for a baby shower. Sarah was nice enough to have it at her house at 10:30 am, which is quite a feat because she has two little ones of her own to get ready plus get ready for people to come over. The girls made brunch type foods like coffee cake, yogurt parfaits, fruit trays, breads, things like that with coffee and punch. We also had mini cupcakes for dessert! Yum!

With the hostesses

We received tons of great gifts to get us started and ready for this little one...lots of clothes, bath towels, bedding, books, toys, high chair, rocker seat, car seat & stroller...too much to name really! It was interesting loading up our car to drive back to Oklahoma! I should have taken a picture because we couldn't even see out the back! We really are so thankful for all of our friends and family who have been so generous and excited for us.

We also played a celebrity baby name matching game, which I think everyone enjoyed. I didn't win though. I should have done some more US Weekly and People reading to get ready! I had a great time visiting with family and friends, some of which I don't get to see very often. So it was a really great way to wrap up our trip to Texas.

29 weeks at the baby shower

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Home for Christmas

Tony and I went back to The Woodlands again for Christmas this year. We left on Thursday afternoon before Christmas and stayed until the Sunday after New Years. We were there for a long time, but could have stayed longer. The first few days we just hung out at my parents' with them and my sisters, went to Christmas Eve church service, and did all the Christmas day stuff we normally do...opening gifts, coffee cake & egg casserole for dinner, Christmas dinner, seeing a movie.

Tony's favorite gift...OU clothes for the baby. Don't worry, we bought a Texas outfit when we went out shopping after Christmas!

We also frosted Christmas cookies this year. We even got David, Janet's bf, in on the fun. With so many of us, it didn't take long to get all the cookies looking pretty.

We did some after Christmas shopping/returns on Sunday with everyone which was fun even though all the stores were insanely crowded. We were able to go to some of our favorite restaurants while we were in town and had Mexican a few times too. We spent the rest of the week having a few dinners and lunches with friends or just going to visit them. It was nice to not feel rushed because we had so many days in town.

Tony also did A LOT of running...I'm talking 60+ miles in a week. Crazy! He's making up for my lack of running! I was still running about 4 miles each time we went out, but that was my last week to do so. I was feeling pretty good because I wasn't on my feet working all day, but my belly did start to get bigger towards the end of the trip making it tougher to run that distance. The weather was great for running. We had some days where we even wore shorts and tshirts...gotta love Houston in December.

On Friday, I had my first baby shower...more on that later. The rest of the weekend was spent watching football bowl games and relaxing until we left on Sunday. We also played a lot of cards this trip. Tony got the "pickle present" for finding the pickle ornament which was a game called Phase 10. I had never played it before, but apparently it's been around for awhile. So that became the new family game this time. I think we played almost every night. I won once at least!

We had a great time and enjoyed getting to see all of our friends and family. We were bummed to go back home on Sunday, but like always we've gotten back into our routine just fine. Now we are preparing for some possible snow and really cold weather the next few days!

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