Saturday, December 18, 2010


December has flown by. I can't believe we are only a week away from Christmas! Beth and I haven't been doing too much lately, but have found enough stuff to keep busy. Last Friday we had my work Christmas party at The Mayo Hotel in downtown Tulsa. It's a semi-formal (suit and tie/dresses) event which is kind of fun to do every once in a while. Plus I think it's great that my company still does a Christmas party at a time when a lot of companies are cutting them.

On the baby front, we are moving in the right direction. Although Beth and I both feel like we are majorly slacking thus far. We've started clearing the baby room out and have decided on a paint color. We've also selected the type of crown moulding we want to do. The crib and dresser are here (although in boxes) and hopefully by the end of January we will have the baby room complete.

We have also started receiving baby gifts which is awesome. Beth's cousins Jen and Kelly sent us the sweetest package yesterday. It was a baby "starter" kit with tons of stuff that we will use right away. It was so thoughtful of them and Beth and I are super appreciative that they would think of us.

Beth and I had one other Christmas party last week as well. It was hosted by a vendor that my company uses and although I don't work with them directly anymore, they were nice enough to invite Beth and I. It was at a steakhouse called Mahogany Prime and it was great!

Other than that, we are just getting things ready to head down to Houston for Christmas. With the way the holidays fall this year, we'll be able to spend a good amount of time down in Houston with Beth's family. And we are both looking forward to that as well as seeing some of our friends that we haven't seen in a while. Beth will also be having her baby shower in Houston on the 31st which I know she is looking forward to.

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Gina and Michael said...

In case you haven't received one yet, pick up Ma! There's Nothing to Do Here! Such a great book! Kelsey still loves to read it!

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