Monday, November 15, 2010

We're Having a Boy!

Here's one of our first pictures of the little guy that you can actually make out a little bit of the face and body. This is from the 20/21 week ultrasound that I had at the beginning of November. We would be excited whatever we are having, but a boy will add another to my family, so my Dad and Tony are excited to have one more on their side now!

My Mom bought our first baby outfit! Isn't it so cute!?!

We also got a Vera Bradley baby bag, from my Mom and Dad again. We had to wait to see if it was a boy or girl because some of the Vera Bradley patterns can get a little girly! This one's pretty neutral since it's navy and white. Hopefully we'll like it and it'll fit all our stuff!


Gina and Michael said...

Congratulations! I have been stalking, eagerly awaiting the news! Thanks for sharing! Tell him I have one cutie and one on the way he might be interested in! ;-)

afoos said...

Hi little nephew! We are so excited to meet him! Love the diaper bag! It's amazing how much those little ones can pack into a bag.

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