Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tulsa Run 2010

On Saturday, we did our third Tulsa Run. It's a 15k, so 9.3 miles. It was a nice sunny day with temps in the 40s at the start of the race. This year with being 20 weeks pregnant, I didn't really do much training and hadn't run farther than 6 or 7 miles in awhile. I've obviously not been able to run as fast or really push myself at all due to not wanting my heart rate to get too high. I am able to keep a 9:15 per mile pace pretty comfortably. So I wore my heart rate monitor, kept track of my heart rate, and had to stop for a bathroom break once. My final time was 1:26:15, a whole 18 minutes slower than last year. It was definitely more about just keeping a steady pace, relaxing, and making it to the end. The run wasn't really too hard. It was more the amount of time running that made me ready to be done.

Tony on the other hand was the speedster among us. He had run some 9 or 10 mile runs lately, so he was more prepared. He ran a 1:05 last year and really wanted to beat that. Well, he killed it! He ran 1:02:35, 6:39 per mile! I was so proud of how fast he ran...I think he was a little surprised too. He said he felt really good and the pace just felt natural. He even had some left at the end to beat a few people in the final stretch.

We both really enjoy doing the Tulsa Run each year. It's well organized and a lot of people run it, but not too many where it takes you 5 minutes to cross the start line. The course has some pretty decent hills at the beginning and one towards the very end, but a lot of the run is on Riverside, which is straight and flat. That part is also out and back so you get to see all the runners ahead and behind you. I missed Tony on that part though because I think I was visiting the porta-potty, that or was passing through the water station. The race also has tons of water stations and they give out candy at the finish line...I guess because it's Halloween weekend? The only downside is that they do their results based on gun time. Don't get Tony started on that, but you can have a several minute difference between the gun time and your chip time because it can take awhile to cross the start line if you're towards the back. So you really ran faster than the results say, it's hard to figure out where you really finished according to time. In my opinion, why have the chip timing if you're not going to use it? But, really that's the only bad thing and in the grand scheme, you know how fast you run and that's really all that matters.

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