Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend

As I type, my family is on their way to our house for the weekend. My parents are coming from Houston, Stacy from Fayetteville, and Janet from San Diego! We are also having Tony's parents and brother over for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. We think it's a nice compromise because we will be driving down to Houston in a few weeks for Christmas. So it's nice to not have to do the drive twice in a few weeks time. We don't really have any big plans. Tomorrow we were going to go do a Thanksgiving run, but the temperature in the morning is supposed to be in the 20s...not the most fun for running unless you're used to it, which my family is not! It's ok though, we'll be able to sleep in! We'll just be cooking during the day tomorrow to get ready for dinner. On Friday, we hope everyone will want to go get a Christmas tree with us and then do some shopping. My Dad, Stacy, and possibly Tony are going to the Arkansas/LSU game on Saturday while the girls probably do some more shopping. I don't love the crowds the weekend after Thanksgiving, but it'll be fun to go with my Mom and sisters.

We'll post some pictures from the weekend. We can't wait to have everyone here!

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