Sunday, November 28, 2010

Food, Football, Family, and Shopping!

The family all arrived on Wednesday. My parents and Stacy were here in time for dinner. We took them to Leon's, one of our new favorite places on Brookside. We also stopped at Babies R Us to look at some furniture a little more seriously than we had in the past. Janet was the latest to her here since she flew from San Diego and got to our house around 11:30. We all stayed up to see her, but didn't make it too much longer once she got here.

On Thanksgiving morning my Mom and I started working on the pies and pie crust. Janet also started helping towards the end because we started running a little behind because we had a minor plumbing problem! I was washing something off in the kitchen sink and water started pouring out from under the sink! My Dad and Tony basically took apart the faucet and found that one of the pieces in the detachable part had gotten loose. So they fixed it up and put the faucet back together and we were in business.

After the pies were all done and the turkey went in the oven, some of us decided to go for a run. The temperature was in the 30s and it was WINDY - big surprise, it's Oklahoma. So we all bundled up and headed out to brave the weather. All four of us ran 3 miles, then we broke up and Janet, Tony, and I ran 2 more, and Tony ran 6 more after that.

Once we finished running, we had to get working on the rest of the Thanksgiving dinner. Tony's parents, brother, sister, and her boyfriend came over for dinner too since they were all in the US this year. We had a full house, but luckily had enough seats and food for everyone. Tony's Mom made some really good spinach dip, cucumber salad, cranberry sauce, and some wine (not for me though). We also made mashed potatoes, green jello salad, stuffing, green bean casserole, and I'm sure I'm forgetting other things! I didn't get many pictures from dinner...

After dinner, we all sat around and watched A&M beat Texas. :( Not a fun year of football for my longhorns!

Friday morning, we got up kind of early and headed out to do some shopping. We left around 9 am, so no early morning, crazy lines, shopping for us. We went to the mall for a few hours. It was busy, but not terrible. The check-out lines were just really long. I got a few Christmas presents started, but not too much. After we were done with the crowds, we went to pick out our Christmas tree. We went back to the same tree farm in Owasso that we went to last year. It was still pretty cold outside, but we knew what we were looking for, so we made it pretty quick. Plus the football fans wanted to get home to watch the Auburn/Alabama game.

We brought the tree and wreath home, ate some leftovers, and watched the games. Afterwards, we wanted to go look at another crib store in town that doesn't have the greatest store hours, so we went there right away and looked around for a bit. We found one that we liked there, so we had to go back to Babies R Us to compare! I think we made a decision though and will be going with the one from Babies R Us. We also went to Ulta and then to dinner at the Brook. We came from for a round of cards before heading to bed.

Saturday was pretty laid back. We all slept in except for my Dad and Stacy who went to the LSU/Arkansas game in Little Rock. My Mom, Janet, and I went for a short run. Tony went for a long run-12 miles. We hung around a little bit, got ready to get some lunch and do a little more shopping. Tony went with us to Firehouse Subs, but he went back home to watch football and put the lights on the Christmas tree. My Mom, Janet, and I went to Utica Square to go to Anthropologie, Banana Republic, and Pottery Barn Kids, so I could show her the bedding that we liked. We walked around there a little bit. The weather was much nicer, so it was a good choice to go there on Saturday. For dinner, Tony and I did homemade pizzas. One was chicken, pesto, and garlic. The other was pepperoni, onions, green pepper, and bacon with red sauce. YUM!

We finished just in time to watch the OU/OSU game. Tony, of course, loved the outcome of that one! It was a good game to watch, and we were laughing at Tony going crazy over his team.

Everyone left around 10 this parents to drive back to Houston, Stacy to drive to Fayetteville then flying to Orlando, and Janet flying to San Diego. We had a fun, long weekend with everyone and were sad to see them all leave. Only 3 more weeks until we head to Houston for Christmas though!


Gina and Michael said...

I am absolutely amazed by you prego runners! SERIOUSLY AMAZED! You are adorable! Hope you ate an extra plate for that baby! ;-)

Gina and Michael said...

BTW-Some favorites to add...let the shopping begin!

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