Sunday, October 31, 2010

San Diego Trip - Part 2

It was too much to write all at once!

On Friday, Janet worked a half day at work. So we got up and decided to go check out a running store, Roadrunner Sports, that we shop at online for all our shoes. They have some pretty good prices, plus no shipping or tax. We figured we go see the store, maybe spend about an hour there. Well, we ended up staying for over 2 hours! We both got our feet & run analyzed to see if we were wearing the right shoes. Turns out we are, but it was cool to see your stride in slow motion on a tv. We also picked up a few things...clothes, a "stick" (use to massage), socks, and some arm sleeves for Tony. After that we went to Mission Bay to run before Janet got off work. After the run, we went back to the hotel and showered really quick and met up with Janet. We went to Hodad's in Ocean Beach for lunch. We walked there from her apartment. The food there was awesome! I had a grilled cheese, Tony & Janet had burgers, onion rings & fries, and we all split a chocolate milkshake! Yum! Good thing we don't live there because I think we would go all the time! After lunch, we took a walk down the beach part, out on the pier, and along the cliffs back to Janet's apartment. After that Janet drove us around to some different areas...the museums, Old Town San Diego, etc. We then met up with David for a little bit before going to dinner with them and a friend of David's. It ended up being a kind of late night because it was kind of tough finding a place to eat that wasn't super crowded.

Saturday we got up and went for another run. This time around our hotel. There were some paths that worked well for a shorter run. Janet and David came over to our hotel and then we went out to Coronado Island to see David's base and eat at Clayton's (the burrito place). We enjoyed getting to go "behind the scenes" that not many people get to experience seeing at the base. We got tons of stories and demos from David as we were walking around. Clayton's for lunch was also delicious! Janet and David eat there quite a bit, and we can see why. Tony got a burrito and I got a chicken quesadilla. All the meat and tortillas you could tell were home-made from scratch. We then walked around Coronado some more, went out to the beach, and saw the Hotel del Coronado. Since it was Saturday, the boys wanted to watch some football. So we went back to David's, Janet and I went to a few shops, and just hung out for a bit. The four of us decided to go to a nice dinner since it was our last night. Janet and David picked George's in La Jolla. We sat in the bar and watched the rest of the OU game, and then got to eat on the rooftop for dinner. We all loved out food and thought the atmosphere was really neat. We also got to drive to this small beach area where tons of seals were sleeping/playing. It was kind of dark, but you could still see them because they were not too far away.

Sunday was our last day. We had an afternoon flight, so we were still able to do a little bit with Janet and David. They came to our hotel while we finished packing, we grabbed some coffee from Janet's drive thru pirate ship place and went to Mission Beach because they have a cool boardwalk type area with a little amusement park and places to walk along the beach. We even got some pictures taken in the photo booth! Then we went to get lunch at Point Loma Seafood. Janet and David love these squid sandwhiches. I decided I would try it too, but I didn't love it as much as they did. Sorry Jan! It was still a really nice day and we were able to sit outside and enjoy it. The weather had been kind of off and on throughout the trip. Kind of cloudy and rainy/misty, but Sunday it was finally nice and sunny the whole time. Sadly, we had to head to the airport after lunch for our flights back home to Tulsa. We can't wait to see Janet again for Thanksgiving and David at Christmas too. We could tell Janet really likes it out there, so hopefully we'll have a reason to go out there again soon!

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