Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pregnancy - The First 16 Weeks

Since we announced our news, here's what I've been doing and feeling the last 16 weeks. Well, really I haven't known for 16 weeks, but found out around 6-7 weeks. I'll spare the personal details about that one, but kind of started to think something was up when I was feeling a little queasy and tired all the time. This was in July, so I wasn't even working and taking naps! And, I don't really take naps. Plus, I started feeling kind of sluggish all around and even when I was running. I never really got an energy boost. But I just kind of chalked that up to the extremely hot temperatures in July. We were going to be heading to the lake for the weekend, and I decided to find out once and for all what was going on. I bought a pregnancy test. When I was complaining about not feeling right, Tony was just like, I'm sure it's nothing, it'll go away, etc. I'd say maybe I'm pregnant...he'd say no, I doubt it. So I didn't tell him that I bought a test. Plus I kind of thought it wouldn't be positive anyways. Well, I was surely wrong on that one! It's a good thing I bought two tests because Tony needed double proof! So, we called the doctor's office and made an appointment for a few weeks later. I didn't feel too different besides being really tired, which was not too fun at the beginning of the school year. I started taking a B vitamin which helped my stomach too. I was also hungry all the time! I continued running, just at a slightly slower pace, and we started running in the morning before work to try to get the coolest part of the day.

Once we found out from the pregnancy test, we had to figure out when we'd be able to tell my parents. It was August and we weren't supposed to see them for another month. I was able to hold off for about a week, then I had a breakdown because I couldn't keep a secret any more. So, we drove to Houston for the weekend and told my parents we were just coming to hang out. They had no clue. They thought we felt bad for them because they were all alone that weekend with nothing going on. We told them right before dinner that we had something to tell them. My Mom says "You got a new car!" Haha, nope, we're having a baby! They were so excited. My Mom cried and my Dad was giving us big hugs. It was really cute (and a huge weight lifted!)

During the 10th week, Tony and I went to our first doctor's appointment and got the confirmation that there was in fact a baby. We got a few ultrasound pictures, got to hear the heartbeat, and saw it all moving around and waving it's arms at us. It was crazy to think that all of that was going on inside my body and I couldn't even tell!

In my 13th week, I really started to loose the tiredness and have only taken a nap a few days here and there. I bought a heart rate monitor for running even though I've read mixed reviews about how that's basically the old school of thought and exercise should be based more on effort than a specific heart rate. So, I try to keep my heart rate between 150 and 160, which is enough to keep me moving at a pace that's comfortably challenging. My pace had slowed during the 13th & 14th weeks even more, but this 15th and into the 16th week has been much better because the temperature has dropped to fall-like so we get 50s in the morning. It's a lot easier to keep my heart rate down. I have had some weekend breakdowns about running because Tony and I are still going out together. We've just come up with a better plan to make the run good for him too. So I'm starting to feel better, not so guilty, about that. I've had to give up my 100 mile months. I'm doing about 15-20 miles per week plus my one day of pilates. I think I can handle a little more since the weather is so nice now, but we'll see. We are going to run two races in October as well...I won't really be "racing", but I'm still doing it.

My stomach started to pooch a little bit during this time. Just enough to make my pants not fit. This week it's really started to grow. I woke up on Tuesday thinking, I don't think my stomach looked like this when I went to bed. Haha. I also had a 2nd doctors appointment at 14 weeks. It was a short, quick one that Tony didn't even need to go to. We go on November 1st to hopefully find out it it's a boy or a girl! Everything has been going well so far, and I'm continuing to feel pretty good. I'll try to update every few weeks as things start to change more and more.


afoos said...

When I was pregnant with Gab, I also took a pregnancy test when E wasn't home! It was really hard to believe there was a positive result. And with Alice, I actually took a pregnancy test while at work!!!

So glad you are feeling okay because nausea can get intense those first three months. I never experienced that with Gab, but with the girls, I felt awful- maybe it's a boy?

We can't wait to meet our new niece or nephew and are really hoping to make it over in April. Love you guys!!!

Molly Hargather said...

i'm late in my blog catch ups, but such exciting news!! congrats :)

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