Friday, September 17, 2010

Dallas/Canton Trip

A few weekends ago since it was Labor Day weekend and 3 days, we decided that on Saturday we would drive to Dallas and then Sunday drive to Canton for the First Monday Trade Days. We got up and went running on Saturday morning. It was a great run because it was only 52 degrees when we started! We got ready and took the 3 hour trip to Dallas. When we got to Dallas, we went to a few car dealerships, to test drive some cars and see what they had to offer because we want to replace the Rodeo in the next few months. We only had time to go to two places, but we think we have a better idea of what we want now. So we're glad we went. We then checked into our hotel, and went to Eatzi's to get a sandwhich. They closed the Eatzi's in Houston for some reason, but it is awesome. If you're ever in Dallas, you should go. It's a little grocery store/restaurant with a lot of prepared foods, salad & sandwhich bars, as well as hot meals. The food is such good quality and delicious.

After going to Eatzi's we went to a bar to watch the first OU game of the season. It was Pay-Per-View, so we had to go to a place that we knew would have it. It was called Lakewood's 1st and 10. It was packed with all kinds of football fans, but ended up being mostly OU fans once the game started. Tony was loving it because football season had officially begun!

Then to end our restaurant tour, we went to Chuy's! One of the best mexican places in Texas. We are so happy they have one in Dallas because it's not that far from Tulsa. We had chips, salsa, queso, fajitas, and I think Tony had some kind of enchilada thing. We left absolutely stuffed and ready for bed!

Sunday morning we drove to Canton, TX (about an 1 or so from Dallas). We went to Canton to check out the First Monday/Trade Days extravaganza. We went last year over the same weekend. We spent all morning at the outdoor market checking out all the goods, but the two things we wanted to go back and buy didn't work out. The one thing was completely gone and the other booth's credit card machine was broken! So we kind of struck out there, but we went to Paul Michael (a favorite from the Nutcracker Market I go to with my Mom). We got a big mirror for our bedroom and a few other decorating things. Here are some pictures from Canton & our purchases.

Apple decorations for a basket on the kitchen table

The new mirror

Overall, it was a fun trip and great way to spend the weekend. The drive back to Tulsa was a little tricky with the big mirror in the box taking up the whole car, but we made it.

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