Thursday, July 8, 2010

Toledo Weekend

It's that time of year again. We took our trip up to Toledo, Ohio to visit my Dad's side of the family and for the Jamie Farr LPGA tournament that Stacy plays in. We left on Wednesday after Tony was done with work and flew to Detroit where we met up with my Mom and Janet, who flew from Houston. Detroit is about an hour from Toledo and the biggest airport nearby, so we always fly there. My family found a house to rent for the week since all 6 of us would be there plus Janet's friend, Kelly.

Thursday, Stacy played in the afternoon, so Tony and I got up and went for a run. Man, have we missed cool weather! It was probably in the high 60s in the morning and warmed up to the 70s during the day. (It got warmer as the week went on though.) We got some lunch before heading to the golf course to meet up with all the family. Since Stacy has been playing in this tournament, my cousins came up with the idea for us to wear matching tshirts with "Lew Crew" on them. They have evolved in design and various colors, but it's fun to have all of us there supporting her. So we watched Stacy's round and then headed to Ventura's mexican restaurant for dinner with Pappa. My Dad's Dad was able to go to one of the tournament practice rounds, but the tournament is too much for him. We had our mexican feast and then some of us decided to go bowling at a place that had 99 cent games and shoe rentals! We played two games and were worn out! I'm not very good at bowling (didn't make it over 100 either time), but we still had fun hanging out and making fun of my Mom's bowling routine!

Friday was the next round of the golf tournament. Stacy was playing really well these first few days, and we had fresh legs still. She played earlier this day and afterwards we had lunch and our first visit to Mr. Freeze. I don't know why we'd never been to Mr. Freeze before, but they have some awesome soft serve sundaes, drinks, mixes, etc. Our kind of spot! We later had dinner over at Aunt Kathy's house with corn hole games afterwards. Some of Stacy's friends that are golfers also came over, so it was nice to meet and talk with them too. Oh, and we had 2 cookie cakes! Yum!

Saturday = more golf! Go figure! Even more for Tony! He got up at 6 in the morning to go play 18 holes with my cousin's Bryan and Jason. They had a good time and were making jokes the whole day about each other, how good they are, and what not. My Mom and I made a speed trip to the mall this morning so we could get our fill of shopping! Jimmy John's was for good! We need one in Tulsa! We watched Stacy's round and then went to Aunt Gigi's for dinner and the annual volleyball games. My Aunts make some good food and there's never a shortage and tons of variety! We love going to their houses to eat! Back to the ever important volleyball games...I was not on the winning team, but Tony was. I think we had 8 people on each team, and that's not even with everyone playing. There's always tons of laughs and it's just a really good time. We also watched the Sylvania fireworks for July 4th (on July 3rd - since it was Saturday). Again, we were worn out by the time we went home and got to bed.

On Sunday before Stacy's round, my family went to go see my Grandma's place at the cemetery and take her some flowers. We hadn't been back since her funeral and hadn't seen the marker yet. I'm glad we were able to do this, but it was still sad and just is a reminder of the fact that she's not here. We all miss her a lot. She loved it so much when we all got together as a family. When we were there for the funeral, we also picked out a spot in a park to plant a tree in her memory. So we also went to see this spot. It's a dogwood tree with a bench next to it. It's a great view of the pond in the park. Just a nice, peaceful spot.

Sunday was the last round of golf. Stacy played ok, but not as good as she wanted to. I think we were feeling pretty worn down too from all the walking! Plus, it got HOT on Sunday, in the 90s. After her round, we made another trip to Mr. Freeze. This was when Tony discovered the Buckeye Sundae...a Buckeye is like a chocolate covered peanut butter ball! He couldn't stop talking about how good it was. I wish I would have taken a picture of it! Stacy and my Dad left to drive to Pennsylvania for the US Women's Open, going on this week. My Mom, Janet, Kelly, Tony and I went out to dinner and then went back over to Aunt Kathy's house to meet up with everyone one last time, since we were leaving on Monday morning. Some of my cousins went to Mr. Freeze and got Tony another Buckeye Sundae! Haha! A group of us decided to go play putt-putt just for something to do. It turned out to be a lot of fun! I didn't have the highest score either (sorry Janet!). We were out until about 11 again, and we had to get up early to drive to Detroit to catch our flight.

We were so worn out from the weekend, but it was so worth it. We really are so thankful that the golf tournament has kind of brought us all back together. Since we're the only ones that lived in Texas, it was hard to get us all together, but this yearly trip is really so much fun for us. My cousins have gotten to know Tony, and Tony loves them too! We are planning on seeing some of them when my cousin, Scott, comes to Tulsa for a football game in Tulsa. It's the same weekend as Stacy's golf tournament in Arkansas. Sadly, the Jamie Farr is taking a year off next summer, so we'll see what next summer brings as far as us all getting together.

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afoos said...

Looks like you guys had a fun time! It's really neat to make that a once a year tradition.

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