Saturday, July 24, 2010

Twice Baked Potatoes

We made these twice baked potatoes to go with our chicken wraps last night.

We basically followed Pioneer Woman's recipe, which is also in her cookbook, but we were not making 8 potatoes, so I just kind of estimated on how much of each of the ingredients to use. Just kept adding until it had the right consistency and taste. We added some of the Lawry's seasoning and pepper, but also added some garlic salt for a little extra. They were so good, but do take a little bit of work. We've had some issues in the past making just baked potatoes because they always seem to not get cooked through, but we did 400 degrees for 50 minutes and they were perfect. I can say that we've conquered the baked potato! We will definitely be having these again and not soon enough!


Gina and Michael said...

Yummy! Love them no matter whose recipe!

Mrs. J said...

we have some very interesting stories about "attempts" at a baked potato. I'm surprised Jason didn't run for the hills! thank goodness he stuck with me thru it! these look scrumptious- I got the PW cookbook for Cmas and need to try these!

Tony and Beth said...

Haha, I know, why is it so hard to make a good baked potato?!?! Maybe, we finally figured it out!

afoos said...

I have tried and failed many potato things in the oven...I just put them in there raw and then cook them, like the recipe indicates...however, my MIL told me a little secret to cooking potatoes in the oven: you cook them a bit in water first and then put them in the oven. I don't know if this would work for baked potatoes, but I've used it for things where you have to peel and cook the potatoes, and it works so much better than just putting the raw ones in the oven directly.

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