Monday, June 28, 2010

Dave & Alyssa's Wedding

The week before last was spent for me in The Woodlands at my parents' house. I wanted to have some time with the family and already be there for one of my best friend's wedding. Tony came into town on Friday for the rehearsal & dinner and was there through the weekend with me. Alyssa and Dave finally fit it into Alyssa's crazy schedule (she just finished her intern year of residency) to get married! I'm kidding, but we had been expecting the engagement for awhile, so we were so thrilled to be there for their wedding. I was a bridesmaid, as she was for me. The wedding was beautiful, not over the top, and very Alyssa. The ceremony was at the big Presbyterian church in Houston and the reception was at The Downtown club, on the 50-something floor of the Shell building in downtown Houston. The views were awesome and the sun was setting when we got up there...beautiful! We had a great time hanging out with my bf's, Sarah & Kristina, my parents, and Sarah's parents. Sarah and her husband brought their little girl and she was the life of the party, wanting to dance before we even ate. I didn't get any pics with her, but trust me, she's stinking cute!

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