Thursday, May 13, 2010

What I Hate About Oklahoma - Tornadoes

Ok, I'm going to complain a little bit about the WEATHER in Oklahoma right now! This really is the worst part for me about living here is the fear of the tornado. Tony tells me stories about these horrible tornadoes that wipe out towns and we drive through these towns and everything has been rebuilt to some extent, but you can't even imagine that everything was gone at one point. There was even a tornado in Bartlesville when he was growing up and half the town was damaged. The spring is tornado season and this week we've had our first round. Luckily the tornadoes were south and north of Tulsa, but it was scary still just seeing how close those storms are. They literally wrapped around the north east corner of Oklahoma. There were at least 37 tornadoes that night across the least that's what they said on the news. At 5 am this morning we also had some heavy storms. There weren't any tornadoes reported, but the wind was 80-90 mph and our grill was off our back porch and flipped on it's side, the patio furniture was all over the yard, and the rain was just pelting the windows. Two school districts here cancelled school this morning because so many schools didn't have power. I know tornadoes can happen in Texas too, but it just seems like more of the norm here. I just hope we never have to experience it first hand. I can't wait for summer right now so we can leave these spring storms behind.

PS-I thought Tony's last post was really sweet! He really didn't like running with me at first, so it's nice to hear he's changed his tune. It's only taken how long? :)


afoos said...

Welcome to tornado season! You'll get used to it, don't worry. :) Pretty soon you'll be asking Tony to go storm chasing.

Mrs. J said...

but it's one of the only negative things about OK weather! : )
this past week has been crazy, hasn't it? It will be over soon!
We need to get together for dinner! hope ya'll are doing well!

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