Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ready Set Run

Since Beth is out of town, I ran in the Ready Set Run 5k for Autism by myself this morning in Jenks. My company is one of the sponsors and I figured it'd be good for me to go out and participate since all of the money raised goes to the Autism Center of Tulsa. I finished in 19:58 which was good for 9th overall out of 320 runners. I normally don't like running in a 5k because it's kind of a boring distance so I ended up coming home and running 7 miles before working in the yard.

I realized today that part of running for me now is having someone to enjoy it with. It wasn't much fun getting done with the race this morning and not having someone there to share the experience. When Beth and I first met, I always ran by myself. In fact if you ask Beth, I didn't even really like running with her at first. But over the last 5 years, I've realized that I wouldn't trade having Beth as my running partner for anything.

And it holds true even more when I look at a picture like this. To me, I see more than just two people who are happy to be done with their first marathon(although don't get me wrong, that is definitely true). This picture represents 16 weeks of training together. 470 miles and roughly 68 hours of running together. And even though we may not talk the entire time we're running, just being together is something that can't be beat.

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