Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hot Stuff

This weekend we haven't done much. It's been pretty relaxing around here, but HOT! Friday, we worked as usual but for the unusual part, we went for a run before dinner on Friday. Friday's have been one of our days off in the marathon training program we were doing, so it was kind of weird to be running on Friday. I have to say it's one of the hardest days for me to run after working all week and running all week, I'm normally ready for a break. But we did 6 miles, it was hot, but I felt ok. We went for pizza at one of our Oklahoma favorites, Hideaway Pizza. Then, if we hadn't eaten enough we had another one of our OK faves, Braum's frozen yogurt mixes. (Like a Blizzard with candy mixed in...yummy!)

Saturday, we slept in and decided to go for a longer run at Riverside - our old long run stomping grounds for marathon training. We hadn't been since the marathon, and I was getting kind of tired of running in our neighborhood. For the first time ever, we forgot the Garmin! So we didn't know our time, pace, or distance during our run. It wasn't too bad because Tony had a good idea of how far we were going since we've run there so many times, but we did kind of underestimated the distance. We wanted to run about 8 miles, but ended up doing 10. It was super hot, sunny, and windy though which made it harder than usual. We need to get used to running in the heat because it's not going to get any cooler for the next few months. We bummed around the house the rest of the afternoon, talked to Tony's sister, Andie, on Skype, and went to dinner at Carrabba's and had some good Italian.

Today hasn't been much more eventful. We slept in, went to late church, ran some errands, and had some lunch. We still haven't made it running yet today, but we're planning on it. It's kind of hard to get motivated when it's so hot outside, but we just need to slow down the pace and get the miles in. Tomorrow is my last day of school with the kids. I have to go Tuesday to check-out, but that's it. The school year has gone by so fast. When you're in it, it feels like the end will never come, but it's always here before you know it.

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