Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Good News!

All the drama with my job has been resolved today! I officially have a job next year! It only took until the very last day of school, but it is such a relief. If you aren't one of the people I've complained to, here's the story. In Oklahoma when you start in a district you are considered a "Temporary Contract" teacher, meaning if things don't work out with you, it's easier to not rehire you than if you were on a regular contract. I knew this all along. So what they have to do is post your job in April, re-interview you, and submit paperwork to re-hire. Well, March comes around and we are getting word that the state continues to have major budget shortfalls and the budget for next year is up in the air. Which means, we don't know if the district is going to keep all their teaching positions in efforts to save money. Temporary teachers are the first to go since they are the easiest to let go. So, the state gives the district their budgets, blah, blah, and we were told we'd find out at the end of April what the situation was. End of April comes and goes, weeks in May go by, still no word. We have to pack up our classrooms because part of our school is getting renovated. Temporary teachers are told to not leave any of our stuff at school because we still don't know if we have a job for next year or not. Yesterday was our last day of school with the kids. Still didn't hear anything ...oh and last week, the state announced they were reducing the school budgets even more. This creates more uncertainty for us temporary teachers, plus word has gotten around that several other school districts in Tulsa are laying off all of their temporary teachers. I was thinking it could even be August before I ever knew anything for sure. But, today, my principal calls all of the temporary teachers in and tells us that they are going to be able to re-hire all of us! Yay! So I officially still have a job, teaching in the same school (for once), and the same subjects, even the same room! Love it!


Anonymous said...

That's great! I'm sure you like staying in the same school:-)
love y'all

Gina and Michael said...

Great news! Unfortunately this seems to be a problem in many states right now. So glad it worked out for you in the end!

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