Friday, May 28, 2010

My New Favorite Thing

No, it's not my big forehead or my sweaty hair, it's the Sweaty Band! It's the best running headband I've every had. I actually saw this in a GolfWeek magazine, but they sell it at a local running store and I never even knew it. Plus it's really cute. They come in tons of patterns and different widths. This one is the "thin" one, so there are thicker ones too. But it has like a velvety underside that keeps it from sliding back. I really like having all of my hair out of my face, but the other headbands I've had were those elasticy ones from the drugstore which were fine, but slip off my head or they're too tight. Kind of annoying when you're running for a while. The thin Sweaty Band costs $15 and the thick was $18 (I think), a little pricey, but well worth it! I had to get a polka dot one since that's my favorite pattern!

I know this sounds like a commercial, but I didn't get one for free or anything like that to put this on our blog. I just really like it. Plus, my Mom was looking for something like this when we were at the marathon expo, so Mom, this is what I think you should get!

**On a side note, I posted about our new fence being started. I don't have any pics of the final product because it's done, but not the right way! I came home from work last night and they had done the flat side of the fence on the wrong side of the posts. The flat side is on the inside of our yard instead of the outside! Ugh! So, they are going to come back and re-do it while we're gone. Hopefully it'll be right when we get home. Next updates will be from Australia!!! Whoo Hoo!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Fence

After being in our house a year now, we decided it was time to get a fence for our backyard. They are starting to build houses on the streets behind us now, so we wanted our yard to have some more privacy so we can leave our blinds open at night, plant without worry about the neighbor's dog getting into things, etc. All that's done now are the posts, but they're supposed to finish tomorrow.

Good News!

All the drama with my job has been resolved today! I officially have a job next year! It only took until the very last day of school, but it is such a relief. If you aren't one of the people I've complained to, here's the story. In Oklahoma when you start in a district you are considered a "Temporary Contract" teacher, meaning if things don't work out with you, it's easier to not rehire you than if you were on a regular contract. I knew this all along. So what they have to do is post your job in April, re-interview you, and submit paperwork to re-hire. Well, March comes around and we are getting word that the state continues to have major budget shortfalls and the budget for next year is up in the air. Which means, we don't know if the district is going to keep all their teaching positions in efforts to save money. Temporary teachers are the first to go since they are the easiest to let go. So, the state gives the district their budgets, blah, blah, and we were told we'd find out at the end of April what the situation was. End of April comes and goes, weeks in May go by, still no word. We have to pack up our classrooms because part of our school is getting renovated. Temporary teachers are told to not leave any of our stuff at school because we still don't know if we have a job for next year or not. Yesterday was our last day of school with the kids. Still didn't hear anything ...oh and last week, the state announced they were reducing the school budgets even more. This creates more uncertainty for us temporary teachers, plus word has gotten around that several other school districts in Tulsa are laying off all of their temporary teachers. I was thinking it could even be August before I ever knew anything for sure. But, today, my principal calls all of the temporary teachers in and tells us that they are going to be able to re-hire all of us! Yay! So I officially still have a job, teaching in the same school (for once), and the same subjects, even the same room! Love it!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hot Stuff

This weekend we haven't done much. It's been pretty relaxing around here, but HOT! Friday, we worked as usual but for the unusual part, we went for a run before dinner on Friday. Friday's have been one of our days off in the marathon training program we were doing, so it was kind of weird to be running on Friday. I have to say it's one of the hardest days for me to run after working all week and running all week, I'm normally ready for a break. But we did 6 miles, it was hot, but I felt ok. We went for pizza at one of our Oklahoma favorites, Hideaway Pizza. Then, if we hadn't eaten enough we had another one of our OK faves, Braum's frozen yogurt mixes. (Like a Blizzard with candy mixed in...yummy!)

Saturday, we slept in and decided to go for a longer run at Riverside - our old long run stomping grounds for marathon training. We hadn't been since the marathon, and I was getting kind of tired of running in our neighborhood. For the first time ever, we forgot the Garmin! So we didn't know our time, pace, or distance during our run. It wasn't too bad because Tony had a good idea of how far we were going since we've run there so many times, but we did kind of underestimated the distance. We wanted to run about 8 miles, but ended up doing 10. It was super hot, sunny, and windy though which made it harder than usual. We need to get used to running in the heat because it's not going to get any cooler for the next few months. We bummed around the house the rest of the afternoon, talked to Tony's sister, Andie, on Skype, and went to dinner at Carrabba's and had some good Italian.

Today hasn't been much more eventful. We slept in, went to late church, ran some errands, and had some lunch. We still haven't made it running yet today, but we're planning on it. It's kind of hard to get motivated when it's so hot outside, but we just need to slow down the pace and get the miles in. Tomorrow is my last day of school with the kids. I have to go Tuesday to check-out, but that's it. The school year has gone by so fast. When you're in it, it feels like the end will never come, but it's always here before you know it.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

By the Numbers

Big things coming up soon!

10 days until we leave for Australia!
9 days we're going to be gone...more if you don't count the time/day changes!
8 movies we're going to watch on the airplane.
7 (plus 3) miles Tony wants to run at 4 am on Friday morning before we leave. Yikes!
6 weeks until we go to Toledo for the Jamie Farr/family reunion time.
5 hours I will probably be able to sleep on the long airplane ride. Hopefully more though!
4 days of school left!
3 weeks (and a few days) until I go to Houston!
2 of us going on vacation. It's been awhile since we've done that.
1 fun summer coming up!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

This Is Why We Run

This is a real picture of our freezer today. And now you know why we run as much as we do. So we can fight our addiction to ice cream!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

What I Hate About Oklahoma - Tornadoes

Ok, I'm going to complain a little bit about the WEATHER in Oklahoma right now! This really is the worst part for me about living here is the fear of the tornado. Tony tells me stories about these horrible tornadoes that wipe out towns and we drive through these towns and everything has been rebuilt to some extent, but you can't even imagine that everything was gone at one point. There was even a tornado in Bartlesville when he was growing up and half the town was damaged. The spring is tornado season and this week we've had our first round. Luckily the tornadoes were south and north of Tulsa, but it was scary still just seeing how close those storms are. They literally wrapped around the north east corner of Oklahoma. There were at least 37 tornadoes that night across the least that's what they said on the news. At 5 am this morning we also had some heavy storms. There weren't any tornadoes reported, but the wind was 80-90 mph and our grill was off our back porch and flipped on it's side, the patio furniture was all over the yard, and the rain was just pelting the windows. Two school districts here cancelled school this morning because so many schools didn't have power. I know tornadoes can happen in Texas too, but it just seems like more of the norm here. I just hope we never have to experience it first hand. I can't wait for summer right now so we can leave these spring storms behind.

PS-I thought Tony's last post was really sweet! He really didn't like running with me at first, so it's nice to hear he's changed his tune. It's only taken how long? :)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ready Set Run

Since Beth is out of town, I ran in the Ready Set Run 5k for Autism by myself this morning in Jenks. My company is one of the sponsors and I figured it'd be good for me to go out and participate since all of the money raised goes to the Autism Center of Tulsa. I finished in 19:58 which was good for 9th overall out of 320 runners. I normally don't like running in a 5k because it's kind of a boring distance so I ended up coming home and running 7 miles before working in the yard.

I realized today that part of running for me now is having someone to enjoy it with. It wasn't much fun getting done with the race this morning and not having someone there to share the experience. When Beth and I first met, I always ran by myself. In fact if you ask Beth, I didn't even really like running with her at first. But over the last 5 years, I've realized that I wouldn't trade having Beth as my running partner for anything.

And it holds true even more when I look at a picture like this. To me, I see more than just two people who are happy to be done with their first marathon(although don't get me wrong, that is definitely true). This picture represents 16 weeks of training together. 470 miles and roughly 68 hours of running together. And even though we may not talk the entire time we're running, just being together is something that can't be beat.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Weekly Update

This week has been a semi-back to normal week since the marathon schedule wise. We've been back to running 4 to 5 miles after work, but it's starting to get hotter and more buggy which is not too fun, but we're still going. We at least don't hate running since doing 26.2 miles!

The main thing that happened this week, and I feel really weird writing about it on a blog because people you don't even know may read this, and it just kind of makes what happened really impersonal and just words...was a very sad accident with one of my best friends, Kristina's, husband. He passed away at the young age of 27 from some sort of fall from a 2nd story. The details are still a little fuzzy and there is a police investigation going on to find some answers. I can't even describe how heartbreaking and shocking all of this has been. Her husband was a great guy and a fantastic husband. They were so in love with each other. We have been thinking and praying for Kristina, his family, and her family all week.

I had plans of going up there tonight to be there for the weekend. My other best friends, Sarah & Alyssa, are going to be there too. Well, just my luck that my flight to Chicago was delayed over an hour which meant I would miss my connecting flight to Hartford, CT. My options were to go to Chicago tonight and stay the night in the airport for the first flight in the morning, or stay here in Tulsa tonight and leave at 6 am for Chicago and take a 10:30 flight to Hartford. I opted for the later because I really didn't want to stay in Chicago by myself over night. Now I'm going to get to Connecticut around 2 tomorrow afternoon. I'm basically losing half a day with Kristina and the girls, but I feel like I need to be there for however long that may be. Just bummed that it's not going to be as long as I wanted.

If you do know Kristina, please continue to keep her in your prayers too. She has luckily had and will continue to need tons of love and support in the coming months.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Congratulations Stacy!!!

Stacy had her best finish so far on the LPGA Tour at this week's Tres Marias Championship in Morelia, Mexico. She shot a 7 under par 66 in the final round to fall one short of Ai Miyazato and finish in second, one shot ahead of Michelle Wie. Here's the final leaderboard from

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