Saturday, April 3, 2010

Today's Run

Today was the last of our long training runs. Our third 20 miles. It ended up that we had to do 20 two weeks in a row because of going to Las Vegas and then the snow we got. It wasn't too bad doing them back to back. I really wasn't any more tired than normal. We decided to try a different path for this run since we've done so many at the Riverside trails and they started doing construction where we like to finish our runs. We did an almost point to point run on the Creek Turnpike path. We started where the path begins at NSU Broken Arrow, about 10 min or less from our house. We finished at a parking area for the path at Sheridan in Jenks (close to where I work). Between the two it's about 12 miles, but we picked up a few miles before in the NSU parking lot and then ran past the car for a few miles and then flipped back around to finish. Logistically, it's a little annoying to run point to point because we had to take another car to the finish and then drive back to the start, but I thought it was kind of cool to not have the turn around or be waiting for that last turn to the last 6 miles at Riverside. I don't think Tony really like it though. The downside with today's run was that it was warm by running standards. We prefer cool and cloudy and we got neither today. The plus was that there was little wind (it was bearable), but it was 74 degrees and sunny. We actually got a little sunburn. I also decided to lose the tshirt and run in a sports bra, which I don't do very often! The stomach is a little white and it kind of makes you a little self conscious about not having a 6 pack! But regardless, I was too hot and just went for it. We also didn't have enough water (we had an extra bottle at the car) so we had to prolong our last shotbloks until mile 17 which wasn't very cool either. We ended up doing two packs of shotbloks, both strawberry, because we didn't love the GU flavor we had last time.

For some reason it never seems like we both have a good run on the same day. Last week my 20 miles was like crap. I got these crazy stomach pains in the last 4 or 5 miles and was feeling dizzy. I'm thinking I could have been dehydrated, didn't eat enough for breakfast, or had low iron (found online that low iron causes those things too). Today, I made sure to eat enough. We still didn't have enough water, but I felt pretty good. Of course you get tired, but I felt pretty strong throughout and didn't mentally lose it! Haha. Tony didn't have that good of a run today. Of course he's tougher than me and didn't really say anything until the last 3 miles, but he wasn't having a good time and was feeling a little dehydrated himself.

The marathon is 3 weeks from tomorrow, so our next two weeks we start to shorten our long runs, but still do the interval/pace run during the week. Next weekend is only 12 miles on Saturday. It's a good thing because I'm going to Houston for one of my best friends, Alyssa's bachelorette party, and I'm going to have to do the run by myself. I'm excited to run in The Woodlands though. I love the trails there and they are mostly shaded. No driving to find a nice running path, just right out the door and off you go.

If you're a numbers person, like we are (We've started keeping a running journal of our miles, times, etc.) here's where we stand for the week, month, and year. PS- this is the most I've run in a long time, if not ever. I don't remember if I ran this much when I did cross country and track in my younger days.

This week - 36 miles (two 6 miles, one 4 mile, and a 20 mile)
Month of March-133 miles for Beth and 138 miles for Tony
2010-362 miles for Beth and 388 miles for Tony


Tina @GottaRunNow said...

I recently ate a roctane Gu and noticed an "off" taste that I never taste in the regular Gu flavors, but I like all of the other Gu flavors I've tried.

I don't know what pace to shoot for in Big Sur, probably something slower than I want it to be just because it's Big Sur. How about you? Do you have a plan yet?

Tony and Beth said...

Yeah, we bought a box of those GU gels and now we don't know what we're going to do with them.

All along we've been thinking in the 3:45-3:50 range for Big Sur. But everything we read says you should add up to 20 minutes to your time because of the wind and the hills. I think to be most realistic we're just shooting for anything under 4 hours. Especially since this is our first marathon.

In the future we'll pick out a nice flat marathon with no wind like Houston(although the wind sure does pick up once you get downtown!).

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

I've been training for a 3:50 finish, but I'd be ecstatic to get 4:00 in Big Sur. Maybe I'll start with the 4:00 pace group. I hope you both get sub-4's!

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