Tuesday, April 27, 2010

San Jose Trip Recap

We got to San Jose around 7:45 p.m. on Friday evening(thanks United for being 30 minutes early). Carol(Beth’s Mom) was waiting for us at baggage claim and we headed over to the rental car counter to pick up our car. Originally I had rented a convertible for the weekend, thinking it would be fun for Beth and I to drive down the coast in a convertible(even though I really don’t like convertibles). But with three people, a convertible would be a little tight. I asked the Avis guy if he had anything else that was comparable. So he searched around in his computer before telling me, “you’re going to a nice place, so you need a nice car. How about a Cadillac CTS?” I told him that’d be great if it didn’t cost 5 times more than what I was already paying. He said that he would change the rate code around for me and it would end up being five bucks more a day. I was sold. Next thing you know, we were cruising to dinner in our brand new Cadillac joking that we were about 35 years too young to be driving a car like that.

Here's a pic of our Cadillac:

We went to dinner at a place called The Counter in Santana Row. A high school friend of mine lives in San Jose and recommended it. When you sit down, they hand you a clipboard with tons of burger options on it. You basically go through and build your burger(or chicken sandwich in Beth’s case). It’s a pretty cool idea and Beth was happy because they had sweet potato fries(her new obsession).

Here's a pic of what the menu looks like:

After dinner, we were all three really tired so we headed to the hotel. I booked us a room at a brand new Courtyard on the south side of San Jose. It was really nice! Probably the nicest Courtyard I had ever stayed at.

Saturday morning we got up and headed to breakfast at a place called Bill’s Diner. I found it online and it had good reviews so we decided to check it out.

After breakfast, it was time to head to Monterey to pick up our race bibs at the race expo.

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