Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Past Week

We've been pretty busy since Easter weekend. We went to the Tim McGraw and Lady Antebellum concert here in Tulsa at the BOK Center last Thursday.

We had a good time going on a little mini-date during the week. We went to a place called Leon's in the Brookside area. I've heard its good from a co-worker, and it didn't disappoint. It was a little pricey, but the food was good. American food - pizzas, burgers, sandwiches, etc. The concert was also really good. Our seats however, were not! We were in the almost last row on the side. So we decided to relocate to the last row more at the front of the stage so we could see better. Both Tim and Lady Antebellum were really great! Tim McGraw also recorded the video from his new CD at the concert. He sang the song twice in a row so they could get all the filming. Not cool to hear a song twice in a row, but cool that it was being taped.

On Friday after work I went to Houston for the weekend while Tony stayed in Tulsa. I went for my friend, Alyssa's bachelorette party. I was able to hang out with my parents and Janet and her bf, Kelly from Atlanta, while I was there. Got to have some Mexican food and Black Walnut too! It was kind of hectic just because there was so much I wanted to do and not enough time. The bachelorette party was Saturday night in Houston, and I was able to see two of my best friends and hang out with them which is always entertaining and a fun time. Tony spent the weekend watching the Masters and doing a little bit of yard work. Our grass is finally starting to turn green, so we have to get rid of some weeds to make it look better.

The running over the past week has slowed down quite a bit. We each ran our 12 miles this past weekend and have 8 coming up this weekend, but that's pretty much it for the long runs. Hopefully we'll be ready to go in less than two weeks now!

This week we had our state testing at school, so it's been pretty low key since all we do during the day is test. Not much teaching going on. Last night we had one of our almost weekly specials, pizza! We've stopped buying the frozen since the dough its pretty easy to make and the pizza tastes better.

We have a few plans for this week/weekend. Tony's parents are in town for the next few weeks, so we are planning on seeing them, going to Tony's brother (Sean's) play at TU, going to a wedding on Saturday, and doing some more planting/yard work. Hopefully we'll update more this week...we've kind of been slackers again.


afoos said...

Recipe for the pizza crust please!!!!

Tony and Beth said...

I use the recipe from this website,

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