Friday, April 30, 2010

Observations from Big Sur

The whole Big Sur Marathon process runs like a well oiled machine. From the race expo, to the early morning buses, to all of the volunteers, you can tell they’ve been doing this for many years and things run very efficiently.

The volunteers were great and very helpful.

I liked not having too many spectators, but also wish there could have been more out on the course.

There are some serious runners out there. And just because you’re serious, doesn’t mean you’re fast. Beth and I are always amazed at the different types of people we see at races. Beth and I enjoy running a lot, but never take ourselves that serious. We don’t have all the latest gear and we don’t run a marathon every weekend(or any race for that matter). We run maybe 3 or 4 races a year. With that being said, we still finished in the top 15% of all runners. Pretty decent for our first marathon if you ask me.

People were taking energy gels a mile into the race. If you need an energy gel after only one mile, you’re in trouble.

I wasn’t too impressed with the food after the race. After running 26.2 miles, you had to go into a small crowded tent and go through a food line. I would have liked to sit down for a second and then get food, but that wasn’t an option. Once you left the tent, you couldn't go back in. They also had no water in the food tent which meant if you were really thirsty(like we were), you had to hurry out of the tent to get water. They had no bottled water, which is great for all the “let’s go green” folks, but not good when you’re literally dying of thirst and you have to take 3 oz. shots of water multiple times.

In N Out Burger is the best post-race meal.(I had a 3 by 3 and fries….3 by 3 is 3 hamburger patties and 3 pieces of cheese of pure goodness)

I don’t think Beth and I have ever been this sore after a run. In fact, yesterday was our first run since the marathon and it was tough! We only ran 3 miles.

Monterey/Carmel, California is a great place. Beth and I will definitely go back. If you’re ever there, stay at the Spindrift Inn on Cannery Row. You won’t regret it.

Will we do this race again? Probably not. Are we glad we did it? ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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afoos said...

I am proud of you guys!!!! Here I was today, going on a whole 25 minute (minutes not miles) run, which was probably barely under a 10 min. mile and I was about to die, and you did a whole marathon AND at a great time! Great job!!!!

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