Friday, March 5, 2010

Rockin New Socks

These are one of the three new pairs of running socks Tony got me yesterday! I got him a pair of these Thorlo Experia running socks for Christmas and he brags about how great they are all the time. So I've been talking about wanting some for awhile, and lo and behold, the Sunday paper brought a coupon for Sports Authority and new socks are on my feet! I haven't cared much about "running socks" but now that we've been running these long distances its nice to have some socks that have some extra cushion. I wore them for the first time today and I'm really liking these socks. I had to work only a half day because we had conferences, so I made up my run from yesterday this afternoon. I'm so excited that spring is coming! It was 65 degrees and sunny today! I am loving this I hope it sticks around because I'm over the cold weather. I'm ready for short sleeves, shorts, and a tan!

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