Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Las Vegas Trip

We just got back from a birthday trip to Las Vegas yesterday. We left on Friday after work and stayed for 4 days. Here's what we did!

Friday-We arrived in Las Vegas around 11:30 pm, so it was almost not Friday anymore! But we had to fly to Dallas, have a 3 hour layover and they fly to Las Vegas. We got our rental car, drove down the strip (I've never been before), and checked into our hotel, the Wynn. I couldn't believe how busy, crazy, and crowded the hotel/casino was at basically 1 am by the time we got to the hotel. We had a minor mishap with checking in. No non-smoking king bed rooms left, so they said they had a king room that was wheel chair accessible. Fine, we said...sometimes those rooms are bigger anyways! Well, we get up to the room and it has two double bed and they are small! So Tony has to go back down, argue with the desk lady, then talk to the manager, and they decide they can give us a "Tower Suite" with a king bed. It's supposedly an upgrade, but we thought the room was the same as the other. Not really any nicer or with more ammenities. It just had a different entrance/check in that was more private. So it ended up working out, but I felt bad that Tony had to go back to get it figured out. After we finally got our room, we were so tired from traveling and gaining two hours so it was really 3 am at home, so we went to bed!

Saturday-Tony's 30th Birthday!!! The whole reason we took a trip this weekend. Since we are hard core runners like we are, we stuck to our schedule and did a 16 mile run on Saturday late morning. We had a Starbuck's breakfast, got in our running clothes, and drove out to Red Rock Canyon to do some running.

It's a good thing we took some pictures when we did because we didn't last too long out here. It was really sunny but the temperature wasn't bad, it was the WIND! We found out that wind gusts were up to 30 mph. Not exaggerating, it was the worst wind we've ever run in. We made it 3 miles out at Red Rock and had to come up with plan B. We decided to head back a few miles into a residential area and run in neighborhoods, along a freeway path, and some other areas nearby. The wind was still bad, but it wasn't as bad since we weren't in the wide open like out at Red Rock. We only had a 2 mile stretch that we had to run face into the wind.

After our run, we went to In-n-Out Burger! Tony has talked about this place ever since we decided to go to Vegas, and I wasn't sure if I was going to be a fan because all they have are burgers. Don't kid yourself, I didn't have a burger. I had a grilled cheese! It was awesome though! I know Tony loved his burger too. I can't wait to be able to go back when we go to California in a few weeks. The best french fries too. After we ate, we checked out a Trader Joe's, an organic-ish type grocery store that we don't have in Oklahoma or Texas. It was a cool little place.

After all this, it was about 3 in the afternoon. We went back to the hotel, showered, and went over to Fashion Show mall across from our hotel and did a little shopping, but mostly walking around. We made a stop back at our hotel to change for dinner. Since it was Tony's birthday we decided to treat ourselves to dinner at Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill. We went to Bar Americain in NYC last year and loved it, so we figured we couldn't go wrong. We were right! The food was amazing! We had margaritas, a chicken taco appetizer, pork tenderloin & mahi mahi for dinner, and churros for dessert. Describing our meal like that doesn not even do it justice, because it's so beyond anything that we could ever make or get at a normal restaurant. Everything we ate was delicious! It was kind of late when we got done eating (not for Vegas time, but you know, we're boring!). Tony did a little blackjack machine playing before we went to bed. Overall we didn't really do much gambling at all. Just a couple $5 tries here and there. We didn't win any money either! So it made it kind of hard to keep going or want to play more money. I'm sure if I weren't there Tony would have gambled more, but we tried to find things we wanted to do together.

Sunday- We spent Sunday going a lot of walking around the strip, checking out the different hotels/casinos and all that is Las Vegas. We had lunch at a place called Strip Burger, across from our hotel, with burgers, chicken sandwhiches, and really good sweet potato I was sold! I tried fried pickles too...and liked them! We wore ourselves out walking around this day and had a later dinner off the strip at a Mexican restaurant...Viva something. It was your more traditional mexican food, but it was really good! Sunday, we basically ate and walked around to sum it up.

Monday- Our last full day. We had kind of had our fill of walking around the strip, so we went for a short morning run and decided to check out the outlet mall and then go to Hoover Dam. We found a few things at the outlet mall and then had to go to In-n-Out for lunch again. We made the drive out to Hoover Dam which took a little longer than anticipated due to some road construction by the dam that had the road down to one lane, but we thought it was totally worth it. It was crowded too, but it was nice to be outside and see something new. It was scary high though! It was scary looking over the side down the dam to the river below.

We made the drive back and rested at the hotel a little bit before going to dinner at Casa di Amore, an Italian resaurant also off the strip. The food here was delicious and they had half-price bottles of wine on Monday, so we left stuffed! After dinner we walked down the strip again to see the fountain show at the Bellagio. I thought this was awesome! One of my favorite things to see on the strip. That wrapped up our night. We went back to get ready to leave in the morning.

Our final assesment of our trip was that we had a good time spending time together, but we didn't really love Las Vegas. We had a hard time finding things to do since we didn't really want to gamble a lot or go to the newest/best clubs at night. Plus it was really crowded and if you know us at all, you know we don't do well with crowds! It was kind of funny to see these replicas of places that we've been to (Paris, Venice, NYC)...not quite the same as the real thing! The casinos & hotels were nice and cool to see but there's only so many casinos you can walk through and Louis Vuitton's, Gucci's, etc. that you can walk by...they are everywhere! Not to mention the CROWDS! We kept commenting on all the different types of people there, old people in scooters, people in their 20's of course, Europeans, typical tourist looking people, couples with kids of all ages...even babies in strollers, people with money to spend decked out, and average joe's in torn jeans and tshirts. It made for interesting people watching! Like I said, I'm glad we were able to go because I'd never been and it was nice to go some place to celebrate Tony's 30th, but we were glad to be heading home too.


Mary said...

Glad you had fun! Vegas is in a different world unto itself! I loved it when I was there in '97
Did you get to the Coke store? The Hoover Dam is beautiful too - glad you got to see it.

Anonymous said...

are you guys thinking about having kids anytime soon???? you would be great parents!

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

I ran at Red Rock Canyon when we visited in Nov. 2008 (, too. Such a pretty place to run, but it was very windy!

Good luck with your Big Sur training!

Tony and Beth said...

We're not used to getting comments! Fun! Mary-we didn't make it to the Coke was at the other end of the strip from the Wynn and we weren't up for walking that far.

Anonymous-thank you and someday we hope to have kids!

Tina-good luck to you as well! I saw that you are running Big Sur too, and it sounds like your training is going well.

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