Saturday, March 6, 2010

9 Weeks of Training...Check!

We're another week closer to our marathon and one week past the half way point. We have 7 more weeks to go, so plenty more long runs around the corner, but I feel like the hard part is over. We've run as far as we're going to run in our training, so the unknown element isn't there anymore. We still have to run 20 miles two more times, but at least we've done it once and we know we can make it! We ran 16 miles today and it didn't seem too bad because we had already done it plus some! And I'm finding that I'm less sore afterwards too. In addition to the long runs, the tempo runs have been a challenge and continue to get faster. We've done two types of tempo runs. They are on Wednesdays in our schedule and have progressively gotten longer and faster. One of the run types has us doing one mile at a time basically sprinting with a half mile in between slow to recover. Those miles started at 7:09 pace and doing 3 of them and we build up to 7:00 and 4 or 5 of them. That's hard for me, but I haven't missed the pace yet. We haven't gotten down to 7 min yet though! For the other type of tempo run, we run the miles consecutively and at a fast pace, but not crazy. We started with 7:39 pace for 3 miles and we build up to 5 or 6 miles in the 7:20s. These are tough too, but do-able. Probably the other hardest part about these runs is that we have to do them on a Wednesday night, after work when we're tired and not really in the mood for fast running. They have definitely helped though and we've found that they've gotten easier as the weeks have gone on, just like the long runs have. So the training continues even though we're heading to Las Vegas next weekend. We're planning on doing another 16 miles next Saturday there and then eating some good food afterwards. Seven more weeks to go!

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