Tuesday, March 30, 2010

20 More Miles Down

Last weekend officially marked our second to last “long” run of our marathon training. And by “long”, I mean longer than about 12 miles. We have another 20 mile run this upcoming weekend and then we are on the home stretch to the actual marathon.

This weekend’s 20 mile run was tough. It had been over a month since we had run that distance and this time around it was about 20 degrees warmer and included 20-25 mph winds the entire time. Neither one of those things are good when it comes to running long distances. In fact, the first 4 miles or so were directly into the wind. Luckily we turned around and did 10 miles with the wind at our backs before doing the final 6 miles against the wind.

Our run started at Turkey Mountain in Jenks. We headed across the Arkansas River and back South past the new Riverspirit Casino(one of about 5 million casinos in Oklahoma). At about 96th St., we turned around and headed towards downtown Tulsa. Right outside of downtown is when we crossed back over the Arkansas River and headed towards the finish.

This is kind of what our run would have looked like on a map:

Eight miles into our run, we each had a GU energy gel. Neither one of us thought they were very good.

At mile 14 is when we had our favorite running snack, Clif Shotbloks. We love those things. They have such a great flavor and make you feel like you’re getting some nourishment during the run. This time around we had the Strawberry flavor.

After our run, we went home and relaxed the rest of the day. We decided to make homemade potato chips for dinner. Stacy got us a mini fryer for our birthdays because she knew we like making potato chips. We weren't sure how it would work out, but the chips turned out great!

Sunday we went to Roland, OK for my college roommate Chris and his wife Liz's baby shower. They live in Moscow and are back in the US until Liz has the baby. I hadn't seen Chris in 8 years before I saw him last summer. So it's been great to get to see him again so soon after. We'll also see him at his brother's wedding the week after we get back from Australia.

Overall we had a great weekend. I forgot to mention that we started the weekend off by eating at our favorite pizza place, Hideaway Pizza.

So between the pizza and the long run, it was a good weekend.

This weekend is our last 20 mile run and we're looking forward to getting it over with and setting our sights on Big Sur in 3 weeks!!!

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