Saturday, February 27, 2010

Stacy Update

Most people, but not everyone knows that Beth's sister is Stacy Lewis who plays on the LPGA Tour. I thought I'd give a quick update on what Stacy's been up to lately.

Last week, Stacy played in the first LPGA tournament of the season in Chonburi, Thailand. It was a good start to her season and she ended the four round tournament in 22nd place. Here's a pic of Stacy in Thailand.

From Thailand, Stacy flew to Singapore for the HSBC Women's Championship. Because of the 14 hour time difference between here and there, Stacy's teeing off in the late evening here which means we can wake up in the morning and see how Stacy played. Through 3 rounds, Stacy is currently in 42nd place. You can follow live scoring of any LPGA tournament at

Here's a pic of Stacy during her first round in Singapore.

From Singapore, Stacy will be heading to Australia for two different tournaments. We are looking forward to see how Stacy likes Australia since we will be going there in a few months.

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