Saturday, February 27, 2010


Just when I say we've been slacking with the blog, we go another week without posting. My sister and her baby Alice got here last Saturday afternoon so we've been a little occupied between work and hanging out with them.

But let's start before they got here. Last Friday night we celebrated Beth's birthday. We went out to dinner at a place in Tulsa called Red Rock Canyon Cafe. It's kind of a sleek looking upscale casual restaurant that had been recommended by someone that I work with. We were not disappointed at all. Although it was a little on the pricey side, we will definitely be going back. I got meatloaf and Beth got rotisserie chicken. Both meals came with carrots and garlic mashed potatoes that were awesome!!! We started our meal with calimari that was different than anything we'd had before, but tasted great!

After dinner we went to the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino just outside of Tulsa to meet up with a few teacher friends of Beth's. It wasn't fun. The casino itself is a combination of the new casino(Hard Rock) and the old casino(Cherokee Casino). The place smelled of smoke everywhere and the crowd left a lot to be desired. To sum it up, we won't be going back.

Saturday we got up to face out biggest running challenge yet.....20 miles. We knew that we needed to pick my sister up around 345 p.m. so we pretty much woke up and went out to do our run. After our 18 mile disaster, neither one of us was looking forward to adding 2 miles to our run. We decided before we started that we would slow our pace down just a little so we didn't feel like collapsing when we got done. Changing our pace just a little bit helped a ton. It took us 2 hours and 49 minutes to complete the 20 miles and we both felt great when we were done.

During the run, we took 2 packages of Clif ShotBloks with us, as well as the Clif electrolyte drink. Both came in really handy and gave us a great energy boost.

Today is an easy 6 mile run that we're both looking forward to. We made end up running 8 miles just to get a little extra distance, but 8 miles is nothing compared to 20 miles.

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